November 2001

More than ten years after the end of the Cold war, Russia and the U.S. still maintain thousands of nuclear weapons in a high-alert posture — ready for immediate launch. This nuclear posture compresses decision time for leaders in both nations to a matter of just minutes and increases the chances of nuclear war starting by accident or miscalculation. We believe the Presidents of Russia and the U.S. should work together to devise operational changes in the nuclear forces of their respective nations that would result in the verifiable “standing-down” of these nuclear forces. This would increase considerably the launch-decision time for each President and profoundly reduce the risk of accidental nuclear war.


  • Institute for World Economy and International Relations
  • PIR Center for Political Studies In Russia
  • Committee of Scientists for Global Security
  • Federation for Peace and Reconciliation
  • Russian Pugwash Committee
  • Foreign Policy Association
  • Institute for Press Development
  • Russian Group of International Organization Generals and Admirals For Peace and Security
  • International Public Organization Center For Strategic and Political Studies
  • Center for Arms Control, Energy and Environmental Studies
  • Center for International and Strategic Studies of RAU-University
  • Interregional Public Foundation for Military Reform
  • Regional Public Organization Generals for Democracy and Humanism
  • Regional Public Association Conversion – The Art of Development
  • Analytic Center for Non-Proliferation
  • Center of Journalism for War and Peace
  • Center for Export Control
  • Center for Nuclear Ecology and Energy Policy of International Social-Ecological Union
  • Movement for Nuclear Safety
  • Alla Yaroshinskaya Foundation