Recommendations for a Sustainable Future.

Table of Contents from the full report:

  1. Weaknesses of the current energy model and a view for the future
  2. Nuclear Energy, an obstacle for the full development of renewable energies
  3. Scenarios for a model based on 100% renewable energy in 2050
  4. Ideas for petroleum-free transportation in 2050
  5. Economic implications of the new model: more and improved jobs and international markets
  6. Recommendations to public authorities and citizens

Un nuevo modelo energético para España., the original Spanish version

A New Energy Model for Spain, the full English translation

Excerpt: Arjun Makhijani contributed Section 2.2, available here as “Nuclear Power and CO2 Emission Reductions: Comments on Radioactive Waste Management and Relative Costs of Options”

Video: Arjun Makhijani describes a renewable energy future with special reference to Spain, released with the report Un nuevo modelo energético para España. In English with Spanish subtitles, recorded May 7, 2009.