This report is part of a larger project, Renewable Maryland, that aims to create a roadmap for an emissions-free, resilient, just, and economical energy system.

Maryland can achieve a prosperous, renewable, and healthy energy future at lower cost than pursuing business-as-usual with fossil fuels.  It has plentiful renewable energy resources to do so.  It is a recipe for healthy prosperity that will save Marylanders between $1.3 billion and $7.3 billion a year (2011 dollars) in energy costs in 2050, even after making provisions for (i) assistance for low income households to pay no more than 6 percent of  income on energy bills, (ii)  proactive investments in communities now dependent on fossil-fuel-related jobs, and (iii) new job creation in underserved areas.

Read the full Prosperous, Renewable Maryland report here.

Also see Maryland’s Grid Transformation: Four points, Presentation to the Maryland Public Service Commission (2 pages).