• WANTED: Sound Radioactive Waste Management Policy
  • The Needless Yucca Mountain Rush of 1998 (Arjun Makhijani)
  • Guest Editorial: The Yucca Mountain Standard: Proposals for Leniency (Thomas H. Pigford)
  • Transmutation: Not a Repository Alternative
  • An Extended Centerfold for Technoweenies: Radioactive Waste: The Regulatory Mess
  • The Curious Case of Curium -242, Curium-244, and Plutonium-241 (Arjun Makhijani)
  • The Road to Yucca Mountain: A Chronology
  • IEER’s Recommendations on Nuclear Waste Management and Disposal
  • It Pays to Increase Your Jargon Power (Dr. Egghead)
  • Atomic Puzzler

Published May 22, 1997

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