• Worker Radiation Dose Records Deeply Flawed (Arjun Makhijani and Bernd Franke)
  • Editorial: Identify Groups of Workers at Risk
  • Let Them Drink Milk: Iodine-131 Doses from Nuclear Weapons Testing (Pat Ortmeyer)
  • A Centerfold for Techno-Weenies: Exposure and Dose
  • IEER Releases New Report on “Clean-up” of Nuclear Weapons Complex
  • Dear Arjun
  • It Pays to Increase Your Jargon Power (Dr. Egghead)
  • Atomic Puzzler

Published November 22, 1997

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Radio commentary: Radioactive Milk in America, that aired February 17, 2003 on KUNM public radio 89.9 fm in Albuquerque.  Audio and transcript available.