Arjun Makhijani debates Jonathan Cobb on BBC as Japan readies the start of nuclear reactors at the world’s largest nuclear power plant. Starts at minute 9:20 in the broadcast.

“Is Japan right to switch reactors back on at its nuclear power stations seven years after a earthquake and tsunami caused the worst nuclear accident in the country’s history?

Presenter Manuela Saragosa puts the question to nuclear sceptic Arjun Makhijani, president of the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, and to Jonathan Cobb of the World Nuclear Association. Also in the programme, the BBC’s Roger Hearing navigates the paddy fields surrounding the devastated reactors to discover how farmers in the area are dealing with the accident’s radioactive legacy – not to mention customers’ overblown fears of it.”

— Introduction to this episode of the BBC World Service Business Daily podcast.
First aired on 7 December 2017