Apex Press, 1999 — 266 pages, paperback

This book provides critical analysis and historical evidence to refute claims that nuclear power can alleviate the build-up of greenhouse gases and reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil. It also reveals the hazards of further proliferation of nuclear weapons from the growing quantities of plutonium generated by existing nuclear power plants throughout the world. Essential background reading for students, teachers, peace and environmental activists, and others concerned about nuclear power.

Selections from the Book

The authors base their analysis on a sound grasp of the technology and a sophisticated understanding of the subterranean military, economical, political, and technical issues that lead to the failure of the first nuclear power era. Makhijani and Saleska successfully demystify the technology with lucid and accurate explanations.

— Professor Lawrence Lidsky, Department of Nuclear Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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