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It is a troubled time. The drums of war, already loud, are daily being amplified by the megaphones of modern media. The U.S. government is adopting a doctrine of “pre-emptive war.” There are large numbers of people in the United States who do not agree. We want to extend our hands to people all over the world to work together for peace, justice, economic equity, and environmental sanity. The United States government is, sadly, behaving like a global bully – a role that alarms us greatly because of the threat of war and the destruction that it may rain down on children who have too long suffered for the fights of their fathers. It also increases the risks of terrorism here and all over the world because it is likely to further inflame angry passions, which are already too high. Our goal is to seek peaceful resolution of conflicts. We also want to strengthen international institutions so that they can accomplish that goal. The United States, against its own best traditions, is undermining the rule of law internationally by trying to muscle other countries as well as the United Nations to bend to its will by threatening the unilateral use of force. We have also been stunned by the speed and depth with which civil liberties at home have been eroded in the name of the War on Terror. U.S. citizens as well as immigrants who are not citizens are being deprived of the most elementary and long-standing freedoms. We are determined to resist these trends. Hundreds of thousands of people, young and old, have demonstrated in the streets, including many who have never before done so. Local governments are enacting laws that call for non-cooperation with unconstitutional federal procedures to arrest or spy on immigrants as well as citizens. We know we need to do more. The immense consumption of petroleum in the United States contributes both to the danger of climate change and the risk of war. While the U.S. government resists its obligations to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, California has enacted standards that will help move us there. We must wean the United States away from its most dangerous addiction – vast amounts of oil. There are also problems we must try to solve together. Specifically, the problem of weapons of mass destruction is a stubborn and difficult reality. We are painfully aware that most of the rest of the world regards the loud U.S. calls for war on Iraq as hypocrisy or worse because the United States itself is refusing to give up its nuclear weapons and abide by its treaty obligations to abandon reliance on nuclear weapons. The United States incinerated two cities with atom bombs in 1945, the only government ever to have done so. Osama bin Laden has, more than once, including after September 11, 2001, used that fact to rationalize his own violent ambitions for wreaking mass havoc upon innocents. There are no good or pious hands that can be allowed to wield these terrible, illegal, and immoral weapons. They must never again be used by anyone. There are eight countries with nuclear weapons – the United States, Russia, Britain, France, China, Israel, India and Pakistan – and two others, who have broken their Non-Proliferation Treaty commitments to try to acquire them, North Korea and Iraq. The illegitimacy of the weapons of the great powers does not and cannot make the weapons of North Korea or Iraq legitimate. We must end the era of weapons of mass destruction in the world. The day when governments can rationalize their use to their people by trading the lives of children of any nationality against the lives of soldiers engaged in war must end. It is time to round up all nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons-usable materials and put them under verifiable international control. It is time to strengthen existing international treaties that ban chemical and biological weapons with strong institutions and authority for inspections everywhere. In that spirit, we support the U.N. inspections in Iraq. We do not endorse a U.S.-led war on Iraq even if they should fail, in part because the United States insists on a prerogative of using nuclear weapons, and because it may have ulterior motives, unrelated to the issue of disarmament. The better course would be to strengthen the U.N.-based structure by investing it with sufficient authority and technical capability to verifiably sequester all nuclear weapons and weapons-usable materials. A similar approach could also be used for other weapons of mass destruction and to arrest persons who are alleged to have committed crimes against humanity, such as the one on September 11, 2001. Any country that claims leadership in peacemaking or in disarming others must subject itself to the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court. Some of the most powerful countries do not qualify today. No country should set itself above the law. Unfortunately the United States is among those that is doing just that. At the Nuremberg trials of the Nazis, U.S. jurists promised the world that it was not witnessing the justice of victors, but a victory for justice, and that, for crimes against humanity, all the accused, independent of nationality, would stand equally at the bar of justice. In withdrawing from the general jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice and in resisting and undermining the International Criminal Court, the United States has broken that promise. We want to redeem it. We will not allow the ill-considered and short-sighted military and energy policies of the U.S. government to separate us from the fellowship of other human beings across national borders. We write to you to let you know that we stand in solidarity with all those who are working non-violently for peace and justice, independent of nationality, to struggle against the terrible violence that still envelops the world and threatens to engulf us all. We believe we need to work together to make the twenty first century one in which the principles of Mahatma Gandhi and Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., will triumph over hate, greed, and violence. Even as he led the struggle for India’s independence and believed that India had a great deal to offer the world, Gandhi said: “My patriotism is not an exclusive thing. It is all embracing and I should reject that patriotism which sought to mount the distress, or exploitation, of other nationalities.” We extend our hand to you in that spirit. Signatories as of 5/19/2008 (* means organizations are listed for identification only)

  1. satti aamir, islamabad, pakistan
  2. Richard D. Aasness
  3. Nancy Abercrombie
  4. Alladin Abualem
  5. As`ad AbuKhalil, Professor of Political Science, California State University
  6. Theresa Acerro
  7. Dr. Arnab Acharya
  8. Deborah-Leigh Acs.
  9. Lily Jean Adams
  10. Melanie Adcock
  11. Bill Guerra Addington, Co-Founder, Sierra Blanca Legal Defense Fund
  12. Nesrin Adem, Las Vegas, NV, USA
  13. Michal Adhanom, Washington, DC, USA
  14. Dr. Judith Adler, Head, Dept. of Sociology, Memorial University
  15. Diane Adler
  16. Nary Aduirre, La Mieada, CA, USA
  17. Ken Aeschbacher, Church of the Brethren*
  18. Vicky Aeschbacher, Church of the Brethren Edward Shacklet
  19. R. L. Aghazarian, Community College of Philadelphia
  20. David Agnew, Cape Codders for Peace and Justice*
  21. David Agnew
  22. Paula Agostinelli, Washington, DC
  23. Floyd H. Agostinelli
  24. agus faisal agus, asociation democratic socialist, central sulawesi, palu, indonesia
  25. David akex, Eeuc, PHX, AZ, USA
  26. Mavjooda Akhmedova, Cedar Land Trading Est., Dubai, Asia, UAE
  27. samir al badrawi, iraqi peace org*, baghdad, iraq
  28. Emre Alak, brooklyn, usa, america
  29. Waqar Alam, Zargoon Gems, Karachi, Sind, Pakistan
  30. Jennifer Albertson, Maplewood, USA
  31. Jennifer Albertson President, College Republicans–Lander University*
  32. Glenn Alcalay, Co-Chair, National Committee for Radiation Victims
  33. Louise Aldrich, Marin Friends Meeting*, Gray Panthers*, Marin Peace Coalition*
  34. Louis Daniel Alemayehu, Director, Multicultural Crossroads
  35. don alex, PHX, AZ, Maricopa
  36. Nancy Alexander
  37. Michael L. Alexander
  38. Ken Alleman, high school student/progressive activist
  39. Ace Allen, member, Citizens’ Alternative Voice*
  40. richard allen, cranberry twp., pa.
  41. Edith Allen, Colombe Foundation
  42. Brian G. Allen, Coordinating Council – Green Party of Seattle*
  43. John J. Allen
  44. Lynnette Allen
  45. sue allen, hutchinson, kansas, reno
  46. Dr. Julie Ann Allender, Psychologist
  47. Diane M. Almeida, Ph.D.
  48. Deanna Alpert, DEANNA ALPERT LCSW, CUTCHOGUE, NY, United States
  49. Abbas Jaafar Alshehabi, Al duraz, Bahrain, Bahrain
  50. melissa alvarado, vista, USA, CA
  51. maryann amann, PORTLAND, oregon, usa
  52. Patricia J. Ameno, Chairperson, Citizen’s Action for a Safe Environment
  53. Georgann Ames, Madison, USA
  54. Helen Amos
  55. Frejunico Amosco, EVANGELICAL*, Seoul, Korea
  56. Joy Amulya, Center for Reflective Community Practice, MIT
  57. Frank A. Anania, M.D., FACP, University of Maryland School of Medicine
  58. Vicki McCool Anderson
  59. Anne Anderson, Psychologists for Social Responsibility*
  60. Stephanie Anderson
  61. Michael Anderson
  62. Yvette Anderson
  63. linda anderson, dundee, scotland
  64. Leslie Anderson
  65. Christopher C.L. Anderson
  66. Richard and Barbara Anderson
  67. Janet S. Anderson
  68. Margaret B. Anderson, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  69. Darci Andresen
  70. Walton Andrews
  71. Lynne Annis
  72. Judy Ansel, The University of Missouri-Kansas City,* President, Cross Border Network for Justice and Solidarity
  73. Brooke Anthony
  74. Shiner Antiorio, Visual Voices
  75. Annette Antonucci
  76. Carolyn Antonucci
  77. Lord Arathorn, Montargis, France
  78. Laura Arbilla
  79. Francisco Argüelles Paz y Puente, National Organizers Alliance*
  80. Trish and Ken Arko
  81. Hunter Armistead, musician
  82. Lee Armstrong
  83. Brittany Armstrong, middleport, oh
  84. wilma arnold, speech/language pathologist retired, springfield, mo., usa
  85. Michelle Arnold, student, University of Illinois
  86. Michael L. Arnold
  87. Martha Arreguin
  88. Abel Arreguin
  89. Lynn Asch, concerned citizen
  90. Deborah and Curtis Asch
  91. Coila Ash, Creative Commotion: Voices for Social Change
  92. Kashi Ashram
  93. sylvia atkinson, roswell, nm, chaves
  94. Tom Atlee, Co-Intelligence Institute
  95. Elizabeth Atly, Campaign for Peace with Cuba
  96. yacatolli atoguanda, ecopaz*, chicago, illinois, e.u
  97. Michael Attarian, Armenian Youth Federation
  98. Suzi Aufderheide
  99. Judith Auslander
  100. Janice Auth, Executive Director, Peace Links
  101. eric avina, paso robles, ca, san luis obispo
  102. Caryn Aviv, PhD, University of California San Francisco
  103. Gina Axsom
  104. Ava Azzone
  105. Joseph Azzone
  106. Rev. B.J. Doucet, member, Women’s Action for New Directions
  107. Linda Bach
  108. Gale Bach
  109. Eve Bach
  110. Ellen Bacon
  111. Keith Badger
  112. Andrea Badger
  113. Atish Bagchi
  114. Sean Bagley, Indiana Green Party*
  115. Jane Bailey
  116. Walter E. Bains
  117. Brooke Baird, Abbotsford, BC, Canada
  118. Emily Bajcsi
  119. Louise Baker
  120. Louise C. Baker
  121. Sheila Baker, Vandenberg Watch
  122. Jean Balay
  123. RC Baldwin, Long Beach, USA
  124. Caron Balkany
  125. Edith Ballantyne
  126. David Ballard, Oneonta, NY, USA
  127. Edith J. Ballard, Fellowship of Reconciliation*
  128. Therese Ballet Lynn, Ph.D.
  129. rakesh bamta, electronics engineer, sharjah, uae
  130. Dano Ban
  131. Sandy Banks, Lamorinda Women for Peace and Justice
  132. Nancy J. Bannister, Journey Catholic Community
  133. Alta and Floyd Bantz
  134. Michael C. Baratoff, Be Fluid*
  135. Lois Barber
  136. Kristan Barber, Austin Democracy Coalition
  137. Ellen E. Barfield, board member of Veterans for Peace, War Resisters League, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
  138. Enno Bargmann, actor
  139. Elaine Barkan
  140. Jennifer Barkan
  141. Sarah Barkan
  142. Danielle Barker
  143. Andrew Barlow, Visiting Associate Professor of Sociology, University of California at Berkeley
  144. Harriet Barlow, Blue Mountain Center
  145. Dr. Patricia Barlow-Irick, Ph.D. Largo Canyon School
  146. Michael P. Barndollar
  147. Martin Barnes
  148. Martin Barnes, Publisher, The Flatlander
  149. Samira Baroody
  150. Marsha Barr
  151. Laura Barrett
  152. Vera Grimsley Barrett
  153. Kelly Barrett, Head start teacher
  154. William Barrows, Hidden Valley Lake, CA, USA
  155. Cedar Barstow, Right Use of Power–Ethics for the Helping Professions
  156. Karen Bartig
  157. Patricia Bassett
  158. David R. Bassett, M.D., University of Michigan*
  159. Joel M. Bassuk
  160. Keren Batiyov
  161. Natalie Batovsky
  162. Jane Battenberg
  163. Ellen T. Bauder, Ph.D., Department of Biology, San Diego State University*
  164. Pati Beachley, Little Marrowbone Repair Corp.
  165. Myra Beals, Spiral Connections
  166. Sonora Beam, Graduate Student, New College of California
  167. Don Bean
  168. Bethany E. Beasley
  169. Sanderson Beck, philosopher and candidate for President of U.S.
  170. Erica Beck
  171. Sharon Beck, MSW, LCSW
  172. Juliette Beck, Public Citizen*
  173. Rochelle Becker, San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace
  174. Judy Beckman
  175. Judy Beckman
  176. Doris Bedinger, Salina People for Peace
  177. Deanna Beech, Ph.D., Psychologists for Social Responsibility
  178. Edward Beechert, National Writers Union
  179. Ann Behrmann M.D., U. of Wisconsin Medical School*
  180. Edward J. Belanger, MS, candidate for Minnesota State legislature in 2004
  181. Jodi Beldotti
  182. Mavis Belisle, Director, The Peace Farm
  183. Jo Ann Bell
  184. Jim Bell, author Achieving Economic Security On Spaceship Earth
  185. Alan L. Benford
  186. Amy S. Bennett
  187. Gary W. Bennett
  188. Beth J. Bennett, wife WW II veteran
  189. Nancy BenPazi
  190. Carol A Bentley
  191. Philip L. Bereano, Professor, Technical Communication Dept., University of Washington*
  192. Mary Sue Berg SSND
  193. Miriam L. Bergamini, Connecticut Coalition for Peace and Justice*
  194. Christina M. Berger
  195. Kathryn Berger
  196. Rev. Dr. Debra Bergeson-Graham, Presbyterian Church (USA), Rocky Mountain College
  197. Priscilla G. Bergethon
  198. Laurel Bergman
  199. Jay Bergman, Allied Telesyn, Inc*
  200. Mary-Anne Bernardet, Sully sur Loire, France
  201. Tina Bernstein-Camins
  202. Mohan Bhagat
  203. monica bhalla, creatures of god*, sangrur, punjab, india
  204. Anannya Bhattacharjee, Unitarian Universalist Veatch Program
  205. Graham Bier, Oberlin College Student Senator*
  206. Patrick Bihlmaier, Salina People for Peace
  207. Rev. Ruth Billington, For tcollins, CO
  208. William S. Bingham, attorney
  209. jenell binney, kennychesen, frankfrot, ny
  210. Joan Bird
  211. Lila Bird, Water Information Network
  212. Pat Birnie, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom*
  213. Moira Birss, student, University of Michigan
  214. Robert C. Birss
  215. Lance Bisaccia
  216. Andy Bisaccia
  217. Dusan I. Bjelic, Ph.D. Professor of Criminology, University of Southern Maine
  218. Paul Bjorgan, Ali Akbar College of Music
  219. Marie Bjork-Haugen, Spokane, WA
  220. Henry Blackford
  221. Shari Blackman
  222. Brent Blackwelder, President, Friends of the Earth, USA*
  223. Talllis Blake
  224. Kristen Blann, Brainerd Area Coalition for Peace
  225. Tara Maria Blasco
  226. Tracy Bleakney, Buxmont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and World Citizen*
  227. Jonathan Blease, public affairs director and filmmaker
  228. Joan Bleu
  229. Janet Blevins
  230. Carl Bloice, journalist
  231. Amanda Bloodgood, U.S. Citizen*
  232. Hildegard E. Bloodgood
  233. Adam Bloom, Student of Tecumseh High School, Tecumseh, Michigan, The United States of America
  234. Sarah B. Bloomer
  235. Ann Blyberg, human rights advocate
  236. Dale Bock, BK Labs
  237. julie Boddy, nuclear-free takoma park, takoma park, MD, usa
  238. Rachel Boehme, Carleton College student
  239. Gillian May Boeve
  240. Grace Lee Boggs, Detroit, Mich.
  241. Dennis Bohr
  242. Jean Shinoda Bolen, M.D., author of The Millionth Circle, clinical professor at UCSF*
  243. Dr. Charles J. Boltuck, Professor Emeritus, St. Cloud State University
  244. Christine Boltwood
  245. Jeff Bone
  246. Judy Bonnell-Wenzel, Ann Arbor, MI, USA
  247. Hal Bonner, American Chemical Society
  248. Trice Bonney
  249. Blase Bonpane
  250. Lucille Bonvouloir, RSM
  251. yvette bonvouloir, mesa , az, maricopa
  252. Lee Boon Liam Boon Liam, Instrument designer, Miri, sarawak, malaysia
  253. Louis Borgenicht, M.D.
  254. Clayton D. Bosler, Lt Col, USAF (retired)
  255. Jennifer Bothell, North Apollo, PA, United States of America
  256. Tom Boughan
  257. Erica Bouza
  258. Daniel Bowerman, Citizen of the world, Oella, MD, USA
  259. sherry bowker, Sherburne, ny, usa
  260. William Bowker
  261. Caroline Bowker M.D., Palo Alto, CA, USA
  262. Amanda Bowling, Flagstaff, AZ, USA
  263. Robert C. Bowman, Professor, Manchester College*
  264. Dr. John David Bowman, Lancaster Church of the Brethren
  265. Janice and Nelson Bowman, Frederick Church of the Brethren
  266. Jennifer Bowman
  267. Therese Boyd
  268. Michele Boyd
  269. Mark Boyden, U.S. Citizen
  270. Renee Boyle, writer
  271. Dee Boyle-Clapp
  272. Bobby Bradford
  273. ray bradley, st.charles, mo, u.s.a
  274. Kerry Brady
  275. arvind brahmbhatt, Non Conventional Energy Centre, New Delhi, Delhi, India
  276. Beatrice Brailsford, program director, Snake River Alliance
  277. Dr. Sonja Brajovic
  278. Angelina Brandwein
  279. Shaherah Brann
  280. Russell Brannon, Minneapolis, mn, USA
  281. Katy Elizabeth Brant, South End Standing for Peace Group
  282. Stephen Branz, San Jose State University*
  283. Tom Brashaw
  284. John Braxton, Co-President, Amer. Feder. of Teachers Local 2026*
  285. Midge Breiter, citizen of the U.S. and School Sister of Notre Dame
  286. Sister Mary Ellen Brennan, RSM
  287. jackie brenner, mondovi, wi, usa
  288. Christine Brewer, nursing student
  289. Christine Brewer
  290. Elizabeth Brick, clergy, United Methodist Church
  291. Alicia Bright, Registered Nurse
  292. Linda Brindle, Harrisburg Catholic Worker
  293. Janet Brink, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  294. Elisha Brinton
  295. Lisa Brobeck, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  296. T. S. Brock, Cambridge, MA, USA
  297. Amy Brock
  298. Beverly Brodsky
  299. Margaret Bromberg, Social Worker
  300. Gary S. Bronson, Operations Manager, The Christian Association at the University of Pennsylvania
  301. Marcena Randall Brook, Byakko Shinko Kai
  302. Lawrence Brooke
  303. M. Brooke Anthony
  304. Claire Brooke Willis, Family Institute of Cambridge
  305. KatRama Brooks
  306. Briana Brooks, Oceanside, CA, USA
  307. Matt Brooks
  308. Roberta C. Brooks
  309. Kristen Brown
  310. Robert Brown, Western North Carolina Peace Coalition
  311. Linda K. Brown
  312. Edwin L. Brown, Professor Emeritus, University of North Carolina
  313. Kenneth L. Brown, Peace Studies, Manchester College
  314. Lynn Brown
  315. Lee Brown, First United Methodist Church in Madison, League of Women Voters of Dane County and Dane County Chapter of United Nations Association-USA*
  316. Maria G. Browne
  317. Kay Brownfield, Director, The Growing Edge Center for Sustainable Peace & Healing*
  318. Peter Brunette, George Mason University*
  319. Mary Bryan, Sacred Touch, Multicultural Counseling, Tacoma, WA, world citizen
  320. Mary Bryan, Tennessee Clean Water Network*
  321. Ronald Bryant, American 1st org, Brownstown Twp, Mi, U S A
  322. Ramona Buck
  323. Amanda Buehler
  324. Gabriela Bulisova-Kamps
  325. Timothy L. Bullock, SpiritWalkers
  326. Kevin R. Bullock, Student of Minnesota State University
  327. Linda Bullock
  328. Mary C. Bunting, BA, MSN
  329. Michel Buquet
  330. tim buquet, grand rapids, michigan, kent
  331. Matteo Burani, Barking Tortoise Farm
  332. William Burdine, Laborer, Cincinnati, Ohio, Hamilton
  333. Hannah C. Burdine
  334. Alyssa Burgin, San Antonio Women in Black
  335. Nanette Burka
  336. Elizabeth Burke
  337. Virginia Burke, Kimberton, PA, USA
  338. Elizabeth Burke, Green Party of Santa Barbara
  339. Sr. Richard Mary Burke, RSM, President, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Regional Community of St. Louis
  340. H . Elizabeth Burke and Christopher M. Burke, The Creative Embodiment Institute and EarthSong Foundation*
  341. Craig Burket
  342. Sharon Burns, Ph.D.
  343. Sister Marcia Burque Schol, Sister of Notre Dame
  344. John Burroughs, Executive Director, Lawyers’ Committee on Nuclear Policy
  345. Pamela Burrows
  346. Beth Burrows, Edmonds Institute*
  347. Christine Busch-Nema, St. Louis, Missouri, United States of America/India
  348. Norm Buske, Director, The RadioActivist Campaign
  349. David Butcher, Coordinator, Sustainable Farming Association of Central MN*
  350. James Buxton, Vernonia, Oregon, USA
  351. Vincent J. Buzzeo
  352. doug Byram, eastpointe, mi, us
  353. Sr. Colleen Byron
  354. Patrick C, AST, Cass, MI, usa
  355. Jackie Cabasso, Executive Director, Western States Legal Foundation
  356. Catherine Cael
  357. Beyhan Cagri Trock, Architect
  358. Mary Laura Calhoun
  359. Helen Callbeck, Unitarian-Universalist Congregation*, Gray Panthers*, Marin Peace Coalition*
  360. Suzanne Camino
  361. Eric Camins, student Skidmore College
  362. Tura Campanella Cook, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom*
  363. JoAnn Campbell
  364. Beth Campbell, Old Lyme, CT, USA
  365. Kathy Campbell, member, Brookmeade Congregational Church
  366. Kayoko & Kerry Canfield
  367. Elizabeth Cantafio, Philadelphia, USA
  368. Kim Carcellar, quezon city, philippines
  369. Bob Care, Grange, VA, USA
  370. Judy Carle RSM
  371. Raina Carman
  372. Homer Carmany, New Philadelphia, OH, USA
  373. Jeanine Carnevale
  374. Sister M. Severina Caron, osf, Earth Cluster of Franciscans International
  375. Hector Carosso
  376. Elizabeth Carosso
  377. B. Stephen Carpenter, II, Associate Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University
  378. Annemarie Weyl Carr
  379. Geoff Carr, Your Friend Voodoo Magazine
  380. David and Elisa Carracciolo-King
  381. Jennifer S. Carraway
  382. Rear Admiral Eugene J. Carroll, Jr., U.S. Navy (Ret)
  383. Sr. Joanna Carroll, CSJ, Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange
  384. MaryAnn Carroll, MA/CCC- Speech Language Pathologist
  385. Barbara Carson, Kessel Peace Institute
  386. Patricia A. Carter
  387. Arwen Carter
  388. Jay Carter
  389. Jeff Carter
  390. Kevin B. Casey
  391. Spencer Casey
  392. Katie Casey
  393. Madeleine Castillo
  394. Danielle Catoe
  395. Anita Cattafesta, OSF
  396. Dalton Cavender, Durant, OK, USA
  397. Dianne Cawood
  398. Patrick Cawood
  399. Angela Celeste Daniel
  400. flor certeza, iloilo city, philippines
  401. Cyrille Chagnon, Idealist, Puteaux, France
  402. Heather Chait, retired.
  403. Lois Chalmers
  404. Andrea Chaloux
  405. Nancy B. Chandler, Farmer and Educator
  406. Florence Chapgie
  407. Crosby Charles, Akron, USA
  408. Crosby Charles, Toronto, Canada
  409. Subhash Chaudhry, Indianapolis, IN, USA
  410. Katherine Chavez D’Assis
  411. Julian Chazin
  412. Mildred Chazin
  413. Jonathan Cherry
  414. Milda F. Cherry
  415. Anne P. Chesnutt, Aquarius Spiritus Templum*
  416. Patrick R. Chesnutt, Aquarius Spiritus Templum*
  417. Kaia Chessen, University of Washington*
  418. Faith Childs
  419. William Chinitz
  420. Bill Chinitz
  421. Janet Chisholm, Episcopal Peace Fellowship Vice Chair
  422. Janet Chisholm, USA Fellowship of Reconciliation*
  423. Constance Chiumino
  424. Russ Christensen, Western Maine Peace Action former Witness For Peace in Nicaragua
  425. Rev. Dr. Christopher Bowman
  426. Linda Chubbuck, singer & teacher
  427. Paul Chubbuck
  428. William Church
  429. Geraldine Church
  430. Martha Churchyard
  431. Mike Clagg, Anti-War Operations League
  432. Walter B. Clancy, member, Arkansas Coalition for Peace and Justice
  433. gonzalez clara, uned, leon, españa, españa
  434. Jean R. Clark, M.S.W., A.C.S.W.
  435. Susan Clark, Americans for a Safe Future
  436. Lois T. Clark, member, Church of the Brethren
  437. Cindy Clark
  438. Dr. Sidney Clarke, Women’s Action for New Directions & Chiropractic Physician
  439. Maikaaloa Clarke
  440. Roger C. Clarke
  441. David R. Clarridge, former Marine and retired teacher
  442. Susan Kay Clayton, Environmental Scientist
  443. Therese (Terry) A. Cleary
  444. Sr. M.Joannes Clifford, RSM
  445. David Close, Professor and Chair, Department of Physics, East Tennessee State University
  446. mary closure, ft worth, tx, usa
  447. L. Christina Cobb, Free Agency
  448. C. Ditmar Coffield, Northeastern University*
  449. Jay Coghlan, Director, Nuclear Watch New Mexico
  450. Rose Cohen
  451. Felice and Jack Cohen-Joppa
  452. Miya Cohen-Sieg
  453. Betty Cole, Georgetown Conservation Commission
  454. Greg Coleridge
  455. Rita A. Colicchia
  456. Virginia Colin, American Patriot
  457. Kathleen Coll, SSJ
  458. Patricia Colla, RSM
  459. Halimah Collingwood, Media Coordinator, The Mainstream Media Project
  460. Bill Collins, Director, Minuteman Media
  461. Pauline Collins, educator
  462. Robert Frank Collins
  463. Leah Collins, student
  464. Sharon Collins, Friends For A Non-Violent World*
  465. Shari Collins-Chobanina, Ph.D., Assoc. Professor of Philosophy, Arizona State University West
  466. Katherine Collis, Pacifica International Foundation
  467. Sally Colman
  468. Amy Combs, Flagstaff, AZ, USA
  469. Roger W. Comstock, Northeast District, Unitarian Universalist Association*
  470. Cathy Comstock, Co-Director, Farrand Academic Program, UC-Boulder
  471. Dick Conant
  472. Eric D. Concannon
  473. Mrs. Chris Condon
  474. Dena Condron, BuxMont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
  475. Rev. Dr. Lois M. Congdon, member of Florida Methodist Federation for Social Action and WAND
  476. Stephanie Coni, piano teacher
  477. Kay Connelly, Indiana University
  478. Michael Connett, Webmaster, Fluoride Action Network
  479. Ellen Connett, Editor of Waste Note
  480. Dr. Paul Connett, Professor of Chemistry, St. Lawrence Univesity, Canton, N.Y.*
  481. Francine Conto
  482. Margaret Conway, University of Michigan
  483. Toommy and Anita Cook
  484. Daniel Cook-Huffman, Juniata College, Huntingdon, PA, USA
  485. Victoria Coon, Ph. D., Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  486. William Copeland, Long Hairz Collective, New Haven, CT, USA
  487. Bronwen Corcoran, Adelaide, Australia
  488. stephanie corley*, birmingham, al, USA
  489. Betsy Corner, member, Northeast Organic Farmers Association.
  490. Kristen Corselius, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
  491. Val Cortes Heart, Democrat
  492. James J. Cote
  493. Marie Côté, , Hull, Canada, Qébec
  494. Blue Cotton
  495. Barbara Courtney
  496. Michael Courtney, MSW, Kingston, NY, USA
  497. Donna Marie Coward, RSM
  498. Jane Cox
  499. Sathya CP, Pondicherry, India
  500. Barbara Craig
  501. Allison Craig, Artist, Designer
  502. Niki W. Craig
  503. Trish Crapo, writer
  504. Cynthia Crawford
  505. David R. Crawford
  506. Margaret R Crawford, R.N.
  507. Colin Crawford, Associate Professor, Thomas Jefferson School of Law
  508. T Creagan, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  509. John Creger
  510. Margaret Smith Crocco, Teachers College, Columbia University
  511. Joy Laksmi Crocker
  512. May Cronin, RSM, NH
  513. Jeff Crosby, President, North Shore Labor Council*
  514. Mary Cross
  515. Laurie Crow
  516. Alexis Cruz, Puerto Rico, Estados Unidos, America
  517. Kristen Cullen
  518. Maxine Culp, Member of Citizens for a Peaceful Resolution
  519. Maxine Culp, 80 year old local activist, former R.N.
  520. Dennis Culver
  521. Sister Rose Marie Cummins, Kentucky, Dominican Earth Center
  522. Liz Cunningham
  523. Val Cunningham, U.S. citizen
  524. Catherine Cunningham, Sligo IT, Sligo, Ireland
  525. Linda Cunningham
  526. David Currie
  527. Emilie Curry, M.P.H. Candidate-Boston University*
  528. Clifton Curtis, Director, Global Toxics Program, World Wildlife Fund*
  529. Martha Cutler
  530. Kathleen d’Acre Myers, D.D.S.
  531. charles dagedzie, war memorial hospital*, navrongo, u/e, ghana
  532. Michael Christopher Daillak
  533. Paula Daillak, Public Health Nurse*
  534. Rev. Dr. Beverly Dale, Christian Association, University of Pennsylvania
  535. Jenny Dale, Grinnell College
  536. Gillian Dale
  537. D. Dalton
  538. Louisiana Dalton
  539. Jeff Dames, Peace & Democracy Task Force
  540. Robert Dana
  541. john daniels, pekin, illinois, usa
  542. Donna Dannals
  543. Lauri Dannemiller
  544. Casey Coates Danson
  545. Rosa Dargan-Powers
  546. Braun Darrell Gerber, Minneapolis 5th District Green Party*
  547. Har Darshan Kaur Khalsa
  548. Adrianne Dartnall, Malaspina University-College
  549. Mike Dattoli
  550. James Daubert
  551. Victoria Daubert
  552. Bunny Daubner
  553. Mary Beth Daught, Tucson, AZ, United States
  554. Alesha Daughtrey
  555. Cabrini Daulizio
  556. L. David Brown, Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations, Harvard University*
  557. Timothy David Silva, The Mainstream Media Project
  558. Dennis M. Davidson, M.D., Ph.D., President, Unitarian Universalist Peace Fellowship
  559. Hal Davis
  560. Margot Davis, member, Ventura Not in Our Name
  561. dennis davison*, sharjah, sharjah, united arab emirates
  562. Kristin Dawkins, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
  563. Jaynemarie Dayer, member, Buxmont Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and World Citizen*
  564. Sue Dayton, for Citizen Action New Mexico
  565. kate de braose, Retired RN, Roswell, NM, United States of America
  566. abebe debakew*, baltimore, md, us
  567. Cyndy deBruler, Executive Director, Columbia Riverkeeper
  568. Linda DeCloedt
  569. Kirk deFord, Institute for Sustainable Culture
  570. Cathy DeForest, Ph.D.
  571. Mark DeJonghe
  572. Juli DeJonghe
  573. Rev. S. Catherine deLaGrange, MA
  574. Nicole Deller, consultant, IEER
  575. Michael Deluno, Center for Conscious Living and Awakening Ministries
  576. Sr. Frances Demarco, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas
  577. J. Douglas Demick
  578. Susan DeMont, Halifax, NS, Canada
  579. Diane Dempsey-Shiber, Eco Alternative, Owner/Operator, North Wales, Pa, USA
  580. Robert D. Denham, Roanoke College*
  581. Rachel K. Denham, Ferrum College*
  582. Amy Denio
  583. Lioba Denis-Sturm
  584. Marie Dennis, Director, Maryknoll Office for Global Concerns
  585. Simon Dennis
  586. Prof Dennis Brutus, patron Jubilee South Africa, University of Pittsburgh
  587. Kelly Denton-Borhaug
  588. Mr.& Mrs. Richard Depaulis and Family
  589. Edith Derlon, Goteborg, Sweden
  590. Martin G. Derstine
  591. Aditi Desai
  592. Frank and Ann Descant
  593. Gene Desrochers, Pine Creek Blonde Productions
  594. Catherine DeVine, DeVine Write*
  595. Denis Devine
  596. Bea Dewing
  597. asda dfaf, Providence, RI, United States
  598. Otmani Dhaiba, Garges, France
  599. Newton Dialogues on Peace and War
  600. Isabel Diana Fernandez, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D., Researcher, University of Rochester
  601. Kristine DiCerchio
  602. Susan Dickinson
  603. Carolyn Diem, member, Ann Arbor Friends Meeting
  604. Rachel Diem
  605. Faith Dietz
  606. rebecca diffin, socialist party usa*, burt, MI, united states
  607. Sandra Dijkstra
  608. Cornelia C. Dilley, M.D., Ph.D., Psy.D
  609. Gay and Andrew Dillingham
  610. Carol DiMarcello
  611. Molly Dingel, University of Kansas
  612. Marguerite Dingman
  613. Dr. David H. Dinner
  614. Sally Dinwoodie, El Cerrito, Ca, Contra Costa
  615. Dona DiOrio, Art Coordinator/Development for Human Rights, Portland, USA
  616. Dermot Dix
  617. Promila Dixit, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom NY*, NY, NY, USA
  618. valencia dobbins, dobbins & associates, detroit, mi, usa
  619. Martina Doblin, Ph.D.
  620. J doc, botwin, pa, usa
  621. Nancy Dockter
  622. john doe, st.charles, mo, st,charles
  623. Jane Doe, Apollo, Pa, USA
  624. Irene Dohmen, SSND
  625. John and Zippy Doll, Mercy Associates
  626. Karen M. Donahue, RSM
  627. Beverly Donias, Fort Worth, Texas, USA
  628. Jason Donias , Dallas, TX, Dallas
  629. rafael donias, ceres, ca, united states
  630. Lisa Donias , Dallas, tx, Dallas
  631. Diana Donovan, Montesorri teacher
  632. Anne Dooley
  633. Richard Doonan, Social Worker
  634. Michael Dooraghi
  635. Donna D’Orio, Portland, OR, USA
  636. Svetlana Doroslovacki
  637. Milos Doroslovacki, George Washington University
  638. Julie Dorrington
  639. Michael Dorsey, Director, Sierra Club National Board*
  640. Jen Douglas
  641. Judith Doumas, Ph.D, Old Dominion University
  642. Teresa Dowell, artist and mother*, Louisville, KY
  643. Terri Dowell-Dennis
  644. ann downes, belen, nm, us
  645. Alison Downey, teacher
  646. Margaret Downing
  647. Rachel Doyle
  648. Judith M. Dozois
  649. Joan W. Drake, Gray Panthers
  650. Elisabeth Drake-Maples
  651. Pat Dressler, Grandmother’s for Peace
  652. Bruce A. Drew, North American Water Office* Margaret E. Drew, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom*
  653. Leo and Kay Drey
  654. Ann Driscoll, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  655. Michael Droske, Austin, TX, USA
  656. Marla Drucker
  657. Curtis W. Dubble
  658. Joris Dudli
  659. Alice N. Duehl, Education Coordinator, Refugee and Immigration Services
  660. Hugo Dufour, Saint-Sylvestre, Québec, canada
  661. Ann Duhaime, Sister of Mercy
  662. Margot I. Duley, Professor of History
  663. Lloyd J. Dumas, Professor of Political Economy, University of Texas at Dallas
  664. Sarah Dunlap, Cornell University undergraduate
  665. Nancy J. Dunlavy, Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers, vice president
  666. Isha Duong, Los Angeles, CA, United States
  667. Lisa Duran, Rights for All People*, Denver, Board Member, Highlander Center
  668. joe durell, barstow, usa
  669. Cynthia Dvorak
  670. Sister Margretta Dwyer, RSM-Minnesota
  671. Sara Dyrud, St. John’s Lutheran Church
  672. Roy E Clark
  673. Christine E Davis
  674. Lisa Earnest, Brevard Community College
  675. Bob Earnest, Antioch New England
  676. Bret Eartheart
  677. Mayan Eartheart
  678. Syndee L’ome Eartheart
  679. Sylvia J. Eastman, educator
  680. Will Easton, Tri-Valley CAREs*, San Francisco, CA, USA
  681. Michael Eastwood, Quaker and student at Macalester College
  682. Karin C. Eaton
  683. Virginia Ecker
  684. Barbara Edinberg
  685. Bill Edwards, Las Vegas, NV
  686. Marsha A. Edwards, writer
  687. Ruth Edwards
  688. Denise Ehrekranz, fullerton, ca, us
  689. Mette Eisensö, Jönköping, Sweden
  690. Jan Eldridge
  691. Rev. Mary Louise Ellenberger, Presbyterian Church USA*
  692. Woody Elliott
  693. Elissa Ellis-MacLeod, Peace and Democracy Task Force*
  694. June Ellison, Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions*
  695. Daniel Ellsberg
  696. Marc Elrich, City Councilmember, Takoma Park, Md.*
  697. David Elrod, Seattle, WA, USA
  698. Rev. Dr. Dorothy May Emerson, Unitarian Universalist minister
  699. Arthur Emery, Fellowships of Reconciliation*
  700. Wendy Emmert
  701. Ruth Enero, founder, EMBRACE A Consistent Ethic
  702. Reita C. Ennis, Brookline Peace Works*
  703. Mary Ann Ennis, O.P.
  704. Jean M. Entine, Island Affordable Housing Fund*
  705. Sam ERAD, amman, jordan
  706. Barbara Erb
  707. Jeannine V. Eremea
  708. Sarah Erickson
  709. Reid Erickson
  710. Eric Eskenazi
  711. Barbara Esser
  712. Robert F. Estes, Energy Systems*
  713. Padg Etta Jordan, Dyax Corp.
  714. Katy Eustis
  715. Roshanna Evans, RavenRose Films
  716. Bill Evans, Tacoma City Council
  717. Amy M. Evans, little marrowbone repair corp
  718. Rose Evans, Publisher, Harmony Magazine
  719. georgann evans , palo alto, ca, usa
  720. Steve & Beth Evans-Bach
  721. Yvonne Everett
  722. Melissa Everett, Executive Director, Sustainable Careers Institute
  723. Frank-Reginald Evertz, www.revo-cola.com, Granada, Nicaragua
  724. Lois Evron
  725. Jonathan Evron
  726. Kim Fair
  727. John P. Falchi, Coordinator, Plan of Action in a Changing Era
  728. Richard Falk, Professor emeritus, Princeton University
  729. Cathey E. Falvo, M.D., M.P.H.
  730. Wendy Farber
  731. Florence Fargnoli
  732. Roy Farrell, M.D., Physicians for Social Responsibility
  733. Cecilia Farrell, Outreach, Our Lady of the Lake and St. Frances de Sales Churches
  734. Elena Y. Farsakh
  735. Syeda Fatima, M.D.
  736. Keith A. Faulconer
  737. cia faulkner, FAYETTEVILLE, nc, united state
  738. Dr.Abdel Ghani Fawy, abdelghanisd@yahoo.com, Cairo, Egypt
  739. Martha E Fay, Harvard School of Public Health*, Boston, MA, USA
  740. Michael Fecskes, Sonoma, California, United States
  741. Claire Feder, Bay Area Nuclear (BAN) Waste Coalition
  742. Rick Feldman, Detroit, Mich. UAW member 31 years
  743. Toby Fensler
  744. Charles Ferguson, Ph.D., U.S. Naval Academy graduate and former officer in the U.S. Navy
  745. Michael Fernandes, psychotherapist
  746. Diego Fernandez, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
  747. Jonathan Fernsler, Physics researcher, University of Colorado, Boulder
  748. Nancy H. Ferraro
  749. Sally Schuder Ferrell
  750. Lynne Fessenden Peder Allison
  751. Derek Fetler
  752. Lori Field, Visual Artist, teacher
  753. Sylvia Field, President, New England Coalition
  754. Margaret Field, Radford, NC, UNITED STATES
  755. Cory Finneron
  756. Paula Finneron
  757. Sean Finnerson
  758. Corey Fischer, actor, writer, director, Founding Member, A Traveling Jewish Theatre*
  759. Hatto Fischer
  760. Jules Fishelman
  761. John Fisher-Smith, member, Mankind Project
  762. Dot Fisher-Smith, member, Peace House
  763. A. E. Fister
  764. Andrew Fister, Lexington, United States
  765. Janet P. Fitch, member of Women’s Action for New Directions
  766. John Flajnik, Happy Valley First
  767. Mike Flanagan, songwriter/musician
  768. larry flowers, dayton, oh, usa
  769. bennie flowers, gilbert, airzona, maircopa
  770. Sandra Fluke, Cornell University
  771. Christina M. Flynn
  772. Mary Ellen Foley R.S.M.
  773. Annie Fonda, part of Peacemakers of Schoharie County
  774. Barbara Ford
  775. Liana Forest, Ph.D.
  776. Mary C. Formica, PAX Christi Harrisburg, Penn.
  777. Debby D. Fortkamp, member, Grace Episcopal Church, Brunswick, Md.
  778. Rev Frank E. Fortkamp, Ph.D., member, Grace Episcopal Church, Brunswick, Md.
  779. Michael Fortune
  780. Dana Foster
  781. David Fougere, Auckland, New Zealand
  782. David L. Fox, Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota*
  783. Helen Fox, University of Michigan
  784. Jennifer Fox, Minnesota Code Pink
  785. Doug Foxvog, Austin Democracy Coalition*
  786. Vicky Foxworth
  787. Sara R. Frame
  788. Paula Frances
  789. Elaine Frank, OSF, Holy Spirit Retreat Center
  790. Franklin Frank, Nuclear Guardianship Program
  791. Rev. Frank Smith
  792. Bill Franklin, Professor of English, North Central Texas College
  793. Ken Franklin, Disability Rights Advocate
  794. Louise Franklin-Ramirez, founder, Hiroshima Nagasaki Peace Committee
  795. Wm Frazier, Boston, MA, USA
  796. Bryan Freehling, Lahaska, PA, USA
  797. Bryan Freehling, lahaska, PA, usa
  798. I.P. Freely, Kalamazoo, MI, United States
  799. Lorraine Freeman, LVN of Citizens for Peaceful Resolutions
  800. Evan Freirich, Esq. Boulder, Colo.
  801. Rita French
  802. David Frey
  803. L. Marvella Frey
  804. Holly Freyja
  805. Amanda W. Freymann
  806. Julie Friar
  807. Mindy Fried
  808. Sarah Friedman
  809. Judi Friedman, PACE People’s Action for Clean Energy
  810. Aurelien Fritz
  811. Jossi Fritz-Mauer, Student, Haverford College
  812. Margaret Fuchs, Peace Corps Volunteer
  813. Lisa Fuller, Washington, DC
  814. Georgann Funke
  815. Robin Furrey, concerned citizen
  816. Mira A. Furth
  817. Ferne Gaarder, Citizen of Alpine, Calif.
  818. Dr.Zaid Gabriel, Baghdad, Iraq
  819. Meg Gage, President, Proteus Fund*
  820. Glen Gainer
  821. Brian Gainer
  822. Kevin Gainer
  823. Margaret Galiardi
  824. Scott Galindez, Voice4Change.org
  825. Carole Gallagher, author, American Ground Zero: The Secret Nuclear War
  826. Kati Gallagher, Quaker
  827. Eligio Stephen Gallegos, Ph.D., Honorary Founder, International Institute for Visualization Research
  828. Tony Gallucci
  829. Paula M. Gann
  830. Darcie Gannon
  831. Heather Ganz, Idaho Peace Coalition
  832. Elizabeth Garcia, Amnesty International
  833. Gale Garner
  834. Scott Garren
  835. Jan Garrett, singer songwriter teacher
  836. jill garrigan, state college, pa, usa
  837. Rev. Peggy Garrigues-Cortelyou, EarthSong Ministry
  838. Christine Garrison
  839. pedro garza, ekotek, yakima, wa, usa
  840. Mannie Garza, Old Women’s Project
  841. Michael Gasser, Indiana University*
  842. Yvonne Gaston, founder, ACT for Wisdom
  843. Katy Gaty-Delia
  844. Eleanor I. Gavin, R.N. (retired)
  845. Dr. Paul H. Gavin, Nuclear Engineer, Ret.
  846. Susan Gaydos
  847. Giselle Gazda, Irving, TX, USA
  848. Richard Geary, Citizens’ Action for Safe Energy
  849. Jessica Geenen, Asunción, Paraguay
  850. Tina Geiger, RSM
  851. Julia Gelatt
  852. Catherine Gentile
  853. Jean Gerard, member, Society of Friends*
  854. Jean Gerard
  855. LeAnne Gergen
  856. John Gershman, Interhemispheric Resource Center
  857. Vicki Gershon, psychotherapist
  858. nuha ghannam, staten island, ny, palestine
  859. Ajay & Ruth Ghia
  860. MaryEllen C. Giampaoli, Environmental Compliance Specialist
  861. Siri Gian Khalsa
  862. Nicole Gianturco, Washington, DC, USA
  863. Yvonne Gibbons, concerned citizen
  864. Brian Gibbons Sr., Putnam Valley, N.Y., USA
  865. Caryn Gielow, Christian, woman, activist
  866. Michael Gigante, psychotherapist
  867. Joseph Gilbert
  868. Betty Gilbert, Hickory, N.C., USA
  869. Nancy Gilbert
  870. Sally. R. Ginter WAND
  871. Tim Giraffe Seidl
  872. Rebecca Giraldo, Minneapolis, MN, USA
  873. Maria Elizabete Giupponi, Hialeah, FL, USA
  874. Alan Glasband
  875. Susan Glaser, Program Chair, Fellowship of Reconciliation, USA
  876. Jonathan Glasser
  877. David Gleim
  878. Michael L. Glenn, M.D., psychiatrist
  879. Neil Glickman, Ph.D
  880. M.K Glover
  881. Sandra Gluck, Peace Mom
  882. Joel Gluck
  883. Anne Goeke (de la Bouillerie), Co Founder/Director Earth Rights Institute, Women in Black, Global Greens Coordination, elected delegate
  884. Mary Goergen, OSF
  885. A L Goertzen, Regina, Canada
  886. Cecilia Goertzen
  887. Ardean Goertzen
  888. Sheryl Gofman, RN and Mother
  889. Ernest Goitein, Californians for Radioactive Safeguards
  890. Judy Goldberg
  891. Renny Golden, professor, Northeastern Illinois University
  892. Lenore Goldman, consultant, Goldman Associates
  893. Arthur Goldschmidt
  894. Mary Ellen Gondeck, SSJ
  895. Guillermo Gonzales-Calderoni, MCALLEN, TEXAS
  896. Gary Goodman, Akron, OH, USA
  897. Bob Goodsell
  898. Pamela Goodwin
  899. June Goodwin, author
  900. Raji Gopal, SEC*
  901. Sriram Gopal, Staff Scientist, Institute for Energy and Environmental Research
  902. Thiru V. Gopal
  903. Susan Gordon, Director, Alliance for Nuclear Accountability*
  904. Jean T. Gordon, member of Women’s Action for New Directions
  905. Andrew Goreff, Modesto, USA
  906. George Gorman, Ph.D.
  907. Philip G.W. Gorman
  908. Amy Gorman, M.S., M.S.W., Speech-Language Pathologist
  909. Mr. Ari W. Gorman
  910. Margaret M. Gorman, RSM
  911. Marilyn Gottemoeller
  912. Robert M. Gould, M.D., President, Physicians for Social Responsibility*
  913. Gail Grabow
  914. Brad Grabs and Mary K. Meyer, Shalom Catholic Worker House
  915. Nancy Grace
  916. Benjamin Gradison
  917. Pamela Graham
  918. Mernie Graham
  919. Moyra Graham, Toronto, Canada
  920. Sister M.Noreen Graney RSM
  921. Georgia Grant, Shawnee Mission, Kansas, USA
  922. Keith H. Grant
  923. Linne Bowles Gravestock
  924. Kathy Gray
  925. Kathy Gray
  926. Carolyn Baldas Gray
  927. Kimi Green, New Cycle Foundation*
  928. Barrington GREEN, EVANSTON, IL
  929. Lisa M. Green
  930. Maxine D. Greenberg, Clinical Social Worker, Private Practice
  931. Donald W. Greenberg, Associate Professor of Politics, Fairfield University
  932. Theresina Greenwell, OP, Sociologist
  933. Cheryl Gregory
  934. jonathan gresham, palatka, usa
  935. Carol Grier
  936. Tom Grier
  937. Kate Griffin, Salina People for Peace
  938. Patricia Griffin, Hunger Advocate
  939. Mary S. Griffin, member of Women’s Action for New Directions
  940. Max M. Griffin Jr., Salina, Kansas, USA
  941. Daniel Griffith, New World Agriculture and Ecology Group
  942. John Grill, Member-Board of Directors, Hydrogen Energy Center
  943. Helen Grimm, R.N.
  944. Maria E. Grimminger
  945. Shari L. Griswold
  946. Cheryl Griswold
  947. Steve Griswold
  948. Linda Gross
  949. Jean Grossholtz, professor emeritus Mount Holyoke College
  950. Jean Grossholtz, Diverse Women for Diversity, Western Mass Global Action Coalition
  951. Boris Gruening, German Citizen* Jordan Richmond
  952. Laura Grund
  953. Sandra Guerrero
  954. Arturo Guerrero, Council of Innocent People behind bars, Kansas City , Missouri, USA
  955. Cindy M. Guillot
  956. Dan Gulko
  957. Nancy Gunderson
  958. Trudi Gunia, Visual artist, long-time peace & justice activist, Saskatoon, Canada
  959. Linda Gunter
  960. Akshat Gupta, Bloomington, USA
  961. Sr. Susanne Gwynnm, V.H.M.
  962. David Haas, Exec. Dir. N.W. Global Human Rights Society
  963. Anika Habermas-Scher, Student University of Michigan
  964. Richard Hacker
  965. Sr. Mary Haddad, RSM, Leadership Team Member, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Regional Community of St. Louis
  966. Karen Hadden, Chairperson, Peace Action Texas
  967. Aubrey haffiz, Los angeles, Califonia, united states
  968. K Haggans, St. Louis, USA
  969. David Haggard, Vu Properties
  970. Mary Kay Hagon, Code Pink Minnesota* Roger C. Hagon
  971. Gayle Haider
  972. Christine Halfar, Danbury, CT, USA
  973. Grace Hall, Napa, CA, USA
  974. Nathan Hall, Phoenixville, PA, USA
  975. Ruth R. Hallaway
  976. John Halle, Asst. Professor of Music, Yale University, Green Party Alderman
  977. Bilal Hamie, Doctor, Madrid, Spain
  978. Mindy Hamilton
  979. Dan Hamilton, RF&D, Emeryville, CA, USA
  980. Susan Hammons
  981. Will Hancock, Student, cobleskill-Richmondville HS, Cobleskill, NY, USA
  982. Brian Haney, Albuquerque
  983. Steve & Lynn Hanrahan
  984. Allen T. Hansell, Church of the Brethren*
  985. Lois C. Hansell, Church of the Brethren*
  986. Tom Hansen, Mexico Solidarity Network
  987. Karen Hanson
  988. Paul Hardison, Jacksonville, FL, USA
  989. Tom Hardison
  990. Marilyn Hardy
  991. Christina Hardy
  992. Pat Hardy, Quaker
  993. Brian Harmon
  994. Stefano Harney, Sociology, City University of New York
  995. judy harper, arlington, va, us
  996. Leatra Harper, Nature Reserve
  997. Andy Harris, M.D., national board, Physicians for Social Responsibility*
  998. Pamela Harris
  999. Rabia Harris
  1000. Susan L. Harris, Ph.D., Senior Fellow, Advanced Management Institute*
  1001. Fred Harris, Ph.D.
  1002. Eric Harris-
  1003. Ewen Harrison
  1004. Norman L. Harsh
  1005. Hershl Hartman, vegvayzer/Leader The Sholem Community, L.A.
  1006. Gail Hartman
  1007. Robert Harvey, Professor of Philosophy, French & Comparative Literatures, SUNY Stony Brook, College International de Philosophie*
  1008. Hugh Haskell, nCInstructor of Physics, Emeritus, NC School of Science & Mathemtics, Durham, NC*, Cary, NC, USA
  1009. Rebecca Haskell
  1010. Noshin Hatami, History Teacher, NYC Christine Hatami, Teacher, NYC
  1011. Maryanne Hatchell
  1012. Dot Hathaway
  1013. Genevieve & Vern Hathaway, United Church of Christ members
  1014. Pam Hawes, Naturalist
  1015. Susan Hawes
  1016. Christine I. Hawkes-Lewis
  1017. Edward A. Hawley, retired United Church of Christ pastor
  1018. Kathy Hay, Tara Tibetan Buddhist Center*
  1019. Patrick Hayes
  1020. Hannah Hayes, Colorado Communities for Justice & Peace, Evergreen, CO, United States
  1021. Laura Hays, Tranquil Waters Wellness Center
  1022. E Marion Hazzard
  1023. Anne Hazzard
  1024. Shanna Heady, Student, University of Missouri- St. Louis
  1025. Gretchen Hecht
  1026. Suzanne and Charles Hedrick
  1027. Suzanne F. Hedrick
  1028. Karen Heikkala, Peaceroots Alliance
  1029. Rebecca Hein, The Good Life Center*
  1030. Bradley James Hein
  1031. Ira Helfand, M.D., Physicans for Social Responsibility
  1032. Helen Helfer, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Cape Cod
  1033. Ann E. Helmke, San Antonio peaceCENTER director
  1034. Kari Helton
  1035. Sue Hemberger
  1036. David Henderson
  1037. Larry E. Hendrickson
  1038. Allen L. Hengst, Washington College of Law *
  1039. Joan Henich
  1040. Larry Henrickson
  1041. rose henry, edison, new jersey, u.s.a
  1042. Leilani Henry, conifer, usa
  1043. Louis H. Henry, Old Dominion University*
  1044. Bill Hensley, Wisconsin Green Party
  1045. Meg Henson, New York, NY
  1046. Carole J. Herhold
  1047. Jeffrey A. Herman, teacher
  1048. Margaret Hermes
  1049. Martha Hernandez, Artistic Healing Academy, Chicago, Illinois, USA
  1050. pablo herrera, santiago, chile
  1051. Dawn Herring, Yucaipa, CA, United States
  1052. Erik Herzing
  1053. Laurie Hesed, Heartland Farm
  1054. Larry Hesed
  1055. Joe Hesla
  1056. Anne Heutte
  1057. Cynthia Hibberd, Women’s Action for New Directions*
  1058. Ellen Hickey, Pesticide Action Network North America
  1059. Eko Hidayanto, Kyoto, Japan
  1060. Sean Higgins, Wilton (CT) Monthly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)*
  1061. Andrea Hildebrand, Portland, OR, USA
  1062. Ursula Hill, Grinnell College student
  1063. Richard Hill, Director, Mikata African and Caribbean Percussion Group*
  1064. Leann Hillmer
  1065. Kathy Hiltsley
  1066. Patricia Himmer
  1067. Ellen Marie Hinchcliffe
  1068. Richard Hinchcliffe
  1069. Carol Hingular, – Alternatives to War Roanoke, VA *
  1070. Patricia Hinkley, member of Cultural Creatives in Action of CT
  1071. Sonya Hintz
  1072. Robyn Hively, Olympia, WA, USA
  1073. Jan Hively, Senior Fellow, University of Minnesota
  1074. Adam Hochschild, author
  1075. Linda Hodsoll
  1076. Carleton Hoffman
  1077. Brendan Hoffman, Public Citizen
  1078. Deborah Hoffmann, Filmmaker
  1079. Jim and Susan Hofman
  1080. Sr. Adrian M. Hofstetter, Director Center of Edumenism and Reconciliation
  1081. Devon Hogue, lancaster, pa
  1082. Anne Hoiberg, Director, Women’s Equity Council, United Nations Association, San Diego Chapter
  1083. Dick Holmes
  1084. Christina Holt, M.D.
  1085. Cathy Holt, Talking Birds Press
  1086. Jackie L. Homan, McHenry County Bicycle Club
  1087. Richard D. Homan, Illinois Education Association
  1088. Sonia Honeydew
  1089. lindsey hood jr, emperor*, honolulu, hawaii, united states
  1090. Walter Hooke, World War II Nagasaki veteran
  1091. Sally Hoover
  1092. Lamar Hoover
  1093. M. Gisela Hörmann, SSND, München, Bavaria, Germany
  1094. linda horn, inez, united states
  1095. Michael Horowitz
  1096. Carole Horowitz
  1097. Rene Harder Horst, History Professor, Appalachian State University
  1098. Bonnie Hough M.D., Environmental Task Force of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of San Diego*
  1099. Jean – Pierre Houin, Nancy, France
  1100. khalid housam, danville, ky, USA
  1101. Marilee Howard, RSM
  1102. Gideon Howard
  1103. Hal Howard
  1104. Jack Howell, Penacook, NH , USA
  1105. Shea Howell, Detroit Summer
  1106. Wendy Howell
  1107. L.E. Howell
  1108. Shirley Howland, Retired Calif. Teacher and Lake County Activist for Peace
  1109. Robyn A Howley
  1110. Janey Hsu, Mendota Heights, MN, USA
  1111. Tiansu Hu, Tsukuba Univ., Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
  1112. Jerold Hubbard, Chairman, Morton County Citizens For Responsible Government
  1113. Beth Huggins, St. Louis, MO, United States
  1114. laura hughes, Adalade, Australia
  1115. Michael Hughes, Maryland Public Television*
  1116. Jason Hull, Morro Bay , CA, U.S.A.
  1117. Russ Hullet
  1118. Joseph and Joroye Humber, Webster, TX, USA
  1119. Douglas Hunt, United Church of Christ Network for Environmental and Economic Responsibility
  1120. Steven R. Hurley
  1121. Don Hursh, Minister/Member Peace Advocacy Fellowship, Lancaster Church of Brethren
  1122. Elberta Hursh
  1123. Laura Hurth, Urbana City Council, Ward 5*
  1124. Johannes Husson
  1125. Jeannie Hutchins
  1126. Dawn R. Hutchinson, M.D.
  1127. Sue Hutchinson, Common Counsel Foundation*
  1128. Dr. Marcia Hutchinson, Metrowest Partners for a Just and Peaceful World
  1129. Hazel Hutchinson, Salina, KS, USA
  1130. Ralph Hutchison, Coordinator, Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance*
  1131. Mary Dominica Hyde, R.S.M.
  1132. William Hyman, Marina, CA, USA
  1133. Harry Iceland, Ph.D.
  1134. Jennifer Irizarry
  1135. Stacey Irvin, Little Marrowbone Repair Corp.*
  1136. S. Kim Isaacs
  1137. Sara Ishikawa, Professor Emerita, University of California, Berkeley*
  1138. Susan Israel
  1139. M J Moore
  1140. Jennifer Jacklyn, reno, ca, use
  1141. Ann Jackola
  1142. Maureen Jackson, Director of The Helen Gander Friends (Quakers) Nursery School
  1143. Maggie Jackson
  1144. Karyian Jade
  1145. linda james, dub, ia, us
  1146. billy bob James, Tahoe falls, tx, usa
  1147. Doug Jamieson, San Francisco, CA, United States
  1148. Carol Jane Bangs
  1149. Michele Janee, Santa Barbara, USA
  1150. Helmar S. Janee
  1151. Rebecca G. Janski
  1152. Paulissa M. Jarik
  1153. Marcus A. Javier
  1154. Hadi Jawad, Member of the Board, Dallas Peace Center
  1155. Rev. Jean M. Johnson, clergy, Presbyterian Church
  1156. Nyck Jeanes
  1157. Bodaniel Jeanes
  1158. Urruty Jean-francois, Montreal, Canada
  1159. Nyck Jeanns, BayFM Radio
  1160. Sharon Jeffers, author
  1161. Susu Jeffrey, poet
  1162. Jamie Jellison
  1163. Tony Jenkins, Program Coordinator, Peace Education Center – Teachers College Columbia University
  1164. Carol Jenkins
  1165. Abbie Jenks, M.S.W., Professor of Peace Psychology, Greenfield Community College
  1166. Tamera Jennings, Clarkston, WA, USA
  1167. Robert Jensen, University of Texas at Austin*
  1168. agnes jeong, new city , NY, USA
  1169. Alexandra Jerinic
  1170. Diane Jetmund-Perigny, Organization Change Program Manager, IBM*
  1171. Karla Jewell, KVCC, Kalamazoo, MI, USA
  1172. Lupita Jimenez, Co-Chair, San Diego County Green Party
  1173. Maria Jimenez, National Network for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (Board Member)
  1174. Linda Johannesson, U.S./Icelandic worried citizen
  1175. Richard John Kinane, SOA-26, Naropa University*
  1176. Dave Johnsen, Teacher & Veteran
  1177. Lynne Johnson, Goucher College
  1178. Peter M Johnson
  1179. Ann Johnson, Philadelphia, PA
  1180. Molly P Johnson, San Luis Obispo County Grandmothers for Peace
  1181. Tory Johnson, Brighton, CO, USA
  1182. Arnim Johnson, Jr.
  1183. Nicole Johnson
  1184. Elizabeth Johnson, Teen Exchange Director and Company Member, Liz Lerman Dance Exchange
  1186. Earl J. Johnson
  1187. Monette Johnson
  1188. Chuck Johnson, Director, Center for Energy Research
  1189. David B. Johnson, M.D.
  1190. Judith H. Johnsrud, Director,Environmental Coalition on Nuclear Power
  1191. Barbara Rose Johnston, Center for Political Ecology, Santa Cruz, California, United States
  1192. Dale Jones, Educator
  1193. Lynda L. Jones
  1194. Roberta Jones, psychotherapist, Easthampton, MA, USA
  1195. Jim Jones, Backwater, USA
  1196. Lillian Jordan, RSM
  1197. H. P. Jorgensen, Heatland Consulting
  1198. Brenna Joy French
  1199. John Judge, Washington Peace Center
  1200. Attorney Judith L. Bourne
  1201. Mary Judith Schmelz, R.S.M.
  1202. Ann Marie Judson
  1203. John and Ann Marie Judson, Pax Christi USA
  1204. Anne Jumonville
  1205. Margaret B. Jumonville
  1206. chappet justine, toulouse, france
  1207. Kathleen Kahn
  1208. Si Kahn, Musician and organizer
  1209. Chris Kaihatsu, Chicago Indymedia*
  1210. Penjani Kamanga
  1211. Peter Kaminski
  1212. Naomi Kamiya, PE
  1213. Erin Kampf
  1214. Adil Kanaan, Ph.D., Former Division Chief at the World Bank
  1215. Lisa Kaplan, LifeWorks Videos
  1216. Gary Karch, writer, student, peaceist, HIV/AIDS activist
  1217. Therese Karl
  1218. Joshua Karliner
  1219. Rose Kasmai, nurse
  1220. Sister Ann Kasparek, s.m.r., Sisters of Mary Reparatrix
  1221. Walda Katz-Fishman, Project South: Institute for the Elimination of Poverty & Genocide
  1222. Ann Kaufenberg, SSND
  1223. Suvir Kaul, University of Pennsylvania*
  1224. Harbhajan Kaur Khalsa, Sikh Dharma
  1225. Ardass Kaur Khalsa
  1226. Sangeet Kaur Khalsa
  1227. Bob Kauten, San Leandro, CA, USA
  1228. G. Campbell Kaynor
  1229. George Kaynor
  1230. Bobby Keaffaber, NA*, Mansfield, Texas, USA
  1231. Jaice Keaffaber, Old Women’s Project
  1232. Emilie Keas, Berkeley, CA, USA
  1233. Suzanne Keehn
  1234. Mary Keenan, RHFACTOR
  1235. John Keeney, Iowa Falls, Iowa, United States
  1236. Randy Kehler, member, New England War Tax Resisters League
  1237. Victoria Keith
  1238. Robin D.G. Kelley, Chair, Department of History, New York University
  1239. Marylia Kelley, Executive Director, Tri-Valley CAREs, Livermore, Calif.
  1240. Dr Andrew J. Kellock, Ion Beams Lab, Almaden Research Center
  1241. Sean Marcus Kellogg
  1242. Virginia C. Kelly, retired school Teacher
  1243. William M. Kelly, retired Presbyterian Minister and School Psychologist
  1244. Frankie M. Kelly, Appalachian Interfaith Alliance for Peace & Justice*
  1245. Peggy Kelsey
  1246. Margaret A. Kelsey, Austin Campaign
  1247. Jeanie Keltner, emeritus professor of English CSU Sacrament, Editor, Because People Matter
  1248. Emma Kelty
  1249. Paula Kelty
  1250. Sister Betty Kenny, OSF
  1251. Grace H. Kensley, Member of Peace House
  1252. Dawn Kepets
  1253. Komrad Kerry, Retired, Moscow, Russia, Russia
  1254. Rachel Kesel
  1255. MHER kesheshian, YEREVAN, ARMENIA
  1256. Richard KeslerWest
  1257. Judi Ketels
  1258. Michele Kevany, los angeles, USA
  1259. Mike and Kathy Kevany
  1260. Barbara Kevany, Chatham, Ontario, Canada
  1261. Sanjeev Khagram, Assistant Professor, JFK School of Government, Harvard University
  1262. Siri-Gian Khalsa
  1263. Preeti Kaur Khalsa
  1264. gurdawer khatker, laval, quebec, canada
  1265. Ahmed Khouja
  1266. Dooley Kiefer, Tompkins County (NY) legislator*
  1267. Andrew Kiegel, www.thedeanpeople.org, Westfield, NJ
  1268. Glenn and Tamara Kikel
  1269. Mark W. Kilmon, American
  1270. Gary Kimball, P, Utah, USA
  1271. Diana Nahass Kinch
  1272. Lynda King
  1273. Gary King
  1274. Jared King, Worried citizen of the world, Minneapolis, MN, United States
  1275. Ken King, Frog Holler Farm
  1276. William J. Kinsella
  1277. William Kinsella, Engineer,self employed, Overland Park, Kansas, USA
  1278. Bob Kinsey, Peace & Justice Task Force, Rocky Mountain Conference, United Church of Christ
  1279. Brian Kirby
  1280. Patricia Kirk, OSB
  1281. Lorraine Kitman
  1282. Uriel Kitron, Professor University of Illinois*
  1283. David Klafter, Brookline Peaceworks*
  1284. Michael Klare, Five College Professor of Peace and World Security Studies, Hampshire College
  1285. Philip M. Klasky
  1286. Josh Klaus
  1287. Daisy M. Klein
  1288. Jim Kleinschmit
  1289. Belinda Knight
  1290. Paige Knight, Hanford Watch
  1291. Barbara Knudson, Professor Emerita, University of Minnesota
  1292. Nicolas Koby
  1293. Robin Kocielko, mother
  1294. Christine Kodis, Concerned citizen
  1295. Ralph Kodis, Physicist
  1296. Joe Koelsch, Army Infantry, Paola, KS, KS
  1297. Sr. Cabrini Koelsch, RSM, Vice President, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, Regional Community of St. Louis
  1298. Rosemary L. Koenig
  1299. Charleen Koenig RSM
  1300. Jodi Kopaniky, Garland, TX
  1301. David Kopaniky, Garland, TX
  1302. Balagangadharatilak Korlipara, Indo-Pak Jubilee cultural Society, Freedom Fighters Cultural comittee, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
  1303. Kurt Kosted, Austin Center for Peace & Justice
  1304. Judy Kottick
  1305. Carrie Kourkoumelis, Classic Harps of New England
  1306. Sara Kovach
  1307. Christine Kovic, Anthology Professor at the University of Houston, Clear Lake*
  1308. Constance Kozel
  1309. Geoph Kozeny, Community Catalyst Project*
  1310. Amy Koziara, Newport, USA
  1311. Dave Kraft, NEIS
  1312. Cheris Kramarae, researcher
  1313. Ingrid Kraus
  1314. Janet Krauss
  1315. A.V. Krebs, Corporate Agribusiness Research Project
  1316. Richard J. Krejsa, founder, Passion For Peace, and Professor Emeritus, Cal Poly State University
  1317. Candace J. Krepel, microbiologist
  1318. Stephen Kretzmann, Institute for Policy Studies*
  1319. Irwin Krieger
  1320. Bernice Kring, Sacramento Chapter, Grandmothers for Peace
  1321. Jill Kroeger, Evansville, IN, USA
  1322. Paul Krumm, Salina People for Peace
  1323. Diane Kuc
  1324. Margaret Kuhl, Housewife
  1325. Kate Kuhn, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing
  1326. Anne Kuhn, Board President, Peace Links
  1327. Jim Kuhn
  1328. Linoj Kumar, Cochim University of Science and technology, Cochi, Kerala, India
  1329. raju kumar, sarvice, new delhi, india, india
  1330. Frances Kunreuther, Hauser Center for Nonprofit Organizations*
  1331. jiby kurian, ses cusat, cochin, kerala, india
  1332. Elam S. Kurtz
  1333. Demie Kurz, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania*
  1334. Paul Kuttner
  1335. Mary L Goff, M.S., former science teacher in Istanbul
  1336. Allen L Overeem
  1337. Robert La Vigne, Seattle, WA
  1338. Harold La Vigne, Visual Artist, Emeritus Professor of Art
  1339. Robert La Vigne
  1340. Madeline C. Labriola, Pax Christi USA
  1341. ghizlane lachgar, paris, france
  1342. David Lacoss
  1343. Gloria LaGasse
  1344. Mark Laken
  1345. Mary Kay Lambert
  1346. Barbara Page Lamm
  1347. Robert Lammers, South Shore Community Watch
  1348. Dan Landon
  1349. Donna Landon, personal life coach Marshall McComb, Land Steward at Fox Creek
  1350. Sarah Lane, London, OH, USA
  1351. Cheryl Lang
  1352. Ken Lang Jr.
  1353. Marie Lange
  1354. darren lapwood, stoke nelson, New Zealand
  1355. Bro. Michael Laratonda, fms
  1356. Barbara Larcom, American Friends Service Committee*
  1357. Don Larkin
  1358. Michael Larkin, South Kingstown (RI) Justice and Peace Action Group*, Jamestown, RI
  1359. Martha Larsen
  1360. Anne Larson
  1361. Dorothy Latour, Committee for Peace*
  1362. Danny Laurent, International Human Rights Internship Program Institute of International Education*
  1363. Helen Lauritzen
  1364. Larry Lauro, School of Americas Watch West-San Jose*
  1365. Suzanne D. LaVoie, citizen of the Earth
  1366. Phyllis Turner Lawrence, Victim Services and Restorative Justice Consultant
  1367. Margaret Laybourn
  1368. Andrea Lea
  1369. Sophie Leahy, people around the world on msn, Huddersfield, England
  1370. William J Leary Sr. (member, Vietnam Veterans Against The War)
  1371. Adrienne Leasa
  1372. Ken Lebensold
  1373. Janet Ledder
  1374. Lisa Ledwidge, Outreach Director, U.S., Institute for Energy and Environmental Research
  1375. Barbara A. Lee, Pastor, Universal Life Church
  1376. David Lee, Collective , St. Augustine, Florida, United States
  1377. Ying Lee, Campaign Against Poverty, Peoples Non-Violent Response Coalition*
  1378. Thomas Lee
  1379. Charles Lehner, Oak Ridge, NJ, USA
  1380. Paul D. Lehrman, Mix magazine*
  1381. Cynthia Leibman, student
  1382. Milbrey E. Leighton
  1383. Anne Leinaar
  1384. Janet Lenius, Jalen Enterprises, Minneapolis, MN, USA
  1385. Tom Lent, Healthy Building Network*
  1386. Pauline Leonard, Sisters of the Mission*, Lower Hutt, New Zealand
  1387. Gordana Leonard
  1388. Alex Leonard Ph.D.
  1389. James Lerager
  1390. Timo;thy H. Leslie, Member, Florida Methodist Federation for Social Action*, Gainesville, Florida, USA
  1391. Valerie Lesniak, Ph.D.
  1392. Valerie Lesniak, Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry
  1393. Michael Lessac, film and theatre director, writer
  1394. Robin Levine
  1395. Ronald Levin-Epstein
  1396. Richard Levins, Harvard School of Public Health
  1397. Julie Meranze Levitt, Ph.D., National Steering Committee, Psychologists for Social Responsibility
  1398. Jay J. Levy-Chair, Nuclear Free Takoma Park (MD) Committee*
  1399. Valeria Lewandoski
  1400. Hannah Lewbel, Religious Society of Friends/Quakers
  1401. Lisa Lewis, Berkeley, CA, United States
  1402. Elizabeth L. Lewis
  1403. Karmen Lewis, N/A, San Juan Capistrano, Califorina, United States of America
  1404. Michele Lewis
  1405. lavetta lewis, San Juan Capistrano, USA
  1406. Sherry Lewis
  1407. Emily Lewis, Women’s Congress for Peace
  1408. Lavetta Lewis, San Juan Capistrano, CA, USA
  1409. Carol Lewis Pat De Angelis
  1410. Maria Lichtmann, Appalachian State University
  1411. Jeannne Liechty
  1412. Barbara Lieurance, musician
  1413. David A. Lillie, S.E.P
  1414. Catherine Lincoln, Americans for a Safe Future
  1415. Ed & Sue Lindgren
  1416. David Lindstrom, Foundation for Human Rights in Guatemala, Chicago*
  1417. Jeffrey Linneman, University of California at Los Angeles Student
  1418. Mia Lipman, editor
  1419. Fran Littin
  1420. Shannon Little
  1421. Sue Littleton, Poet
  1422. Steve Livingston, Asheville Monthly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
  1423. Patricia A Loach
  1424. Judith Lockhart-Radtke, LICSW-Grassroots International*
  1425. Michael Logan
  1426. Jonothan L. Logan
  1427. Thelma Lois Blair
  1428. Enrique Lombera, Barcelona, Spain
  1429. Pastor Cindy Long, Christ’s Church United of Boone, N. Carolina
  1430. Virginia Long-Karlsson
  1431. Sara Longsmith, member of Brattleboro Area Peace & Justice Group*
  1432. Subhash Lonial, Professor of Marketing, Louisville, Kentucky, USA
  1433. Amita Lonial
  1434. Rene Lopez, Revere, MA, USA
  1435. Lori Lopez Homan, Boulder Valley High School science teacher
  1436. Mary Lou Nelson
  1437. Mary Lou Wylie, Sociologist
  1438. Victoria Lovegren, Ph.D.
  1439. Sister Mary Alice Lovet, Sister of Mercy of the Americas
  1440. Candy S. Lovett, 100% service connected disabled Gulf War Veteran from the first war
  1441. Jananne Lovett-Keen
  1442. Darko Lovrekovic
  1443. Katie Lozito
  1444. Sister Margaret Luby, R.S.M.
  1445. Susan Lucey, Associate Professor, University of Minnesota
  1446. Alicia Lucksted
  1447. Tom Ludovise
  1448. Julie Lupien, “VMM, From Mission to Mission”
  1449. Patricia Luppino
  1450. James H. Lupton, Ph.D., University of Michigan
  1451. Sandi Lutsko, Lamorinda Peace*
  1452. Teka Luttrell
  1453. M. Brinton Lykes, Boston College*
  1454. Marguerite Lykes, student, Boston, MA, USA
  1455. John Lynch, Lombard, IL, USA
  1456. Beverly Lyne, R.N., M.S.N., Global Community Nurse Consultant
  1457. John Lynn and Brent Richards, retired school teachers
  1458. Deborah Lyons, Department of Classics, Johns Hopkins University*
  1459. Douglas M Gustafson
  1460. Raymond M Villalobos M.D.
  1461. Mary A. M. Puff, Parisii Productions, LLC
  1462. Joe Mabel, Seattle Peace Heathens*
  1463. Hunter Mabry, Retired Theological Professor
  1464. Bonnie Macbride
  1465. Laura MacCleery, Counsel for Auto Safety and Regulatory Affairs, Public Citizen*
  1466. Frank Henderson MacEowen, author, teacher, and shamanist, San Jose, Calif.
  1467. Janet MacFarland, Librarian
  1468. Janice Machado, Westat*
  1469. Anne Mackie
  1470. Peggy MacLeod, Northampton Energy Resources Commission
  1471. Lesley Macvane
  1472. Francis U. Macy, Center for Safe Energy
  1473. suja madhu, write a letter to husband*, salam, tamil nadu, india
  1474. Sandy Smith Madsen, The Mothers’ Project
  1475. Tatiana madsen, dressge Rader, port-au-prince, haiti
  1476. Susan I. Mager
  1477. sikhona magxala, student christian organisation*, cape town, africa, south africa
  1478. Sherry Mahady
  1479. Y. Alexander Mahmoud, University of Maryland Baltimore County
  1480. Richard Maida, Share_International.org*, Maynard, MA, USA
  1481. Kay Mainaga
  1482. Annie Makhijani, Project Scientist, Institute for Energy and Environmental Research, Takoma Park, Maryland , United States
  1483. Arjun Makhijani, President, Institute for Energy and Environmental Research
  1484. Leslie Malcolmson
  1485. Ragini Saira Malhotra, Barnard College, Columbia University
  1486. Elizabeth Mallott, Grinnell College Anti-War Alliance
  1487. Michael Malone
  1488. Kevin Malone
  1489. Rémy Manchon, Toulouse, France
  1490. Judith Mandel
  1491. Marvin Mandell, editorial board, New Politics
  1492. Betsy Maness
  1493. Sal Mangiagli, Board Member, CT Chapter, Citizens Awareness Network
  1494. Joshua and Sabrina Mann
  1495. Lenka Manning-Warder, Carmel, Ca, USA
  1496. Ben Manski, Co-Chair, Green Party of the United States*
  1497. Catherine A. Marcotte
  1498. Alfred L. Marder, President, US Peace Council
  1499. Donna Abbott Mardo
  1500. Anne Margolis, California, MD, USA
  1501. Ronald A. Margolis, Coordinator, People of Conscience
  1502. Rebecca Margolis
  1503. Susan Margolis, Ridgefield, CT, USA
  1504. Jean Maria Arrigo, Ph.D., Irvine, Calif
  1505. Helen Marie Burns, Sister of Mercy
  1506. Dawn Marie White
  1507. Taures Mariisa, SF, CA, USA
  1508. James E. Marion
  1509. Guy Marsden, U.S. citizen, Maine
  1510. Kim Marsden
  1511. Kathleen Marsh
  1512. John J Marshall
  1513. Virginia L. Martin
  1514. Virginia L. Martin
  1515. Randy Martin, Associate Dean of Faculty, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University*
  1516. Kevin Martin, Executive Director, Peace Action*
  1517. ReeD Martin, San Francisco, CA, USA
  1518. Lynn Martin, HIV prevention specialist
  1519. Alanna Martin and Ursula Martin
  1520. Chris Martinot
  1521. Julia Martori
  1522. Caroline Marvin, Ph.D., Family Institute of Cambridge
  1523. Margaret Mary Dunne
  1524. Sister Mary Gerard Donovan, R.S.M.
  1525. Melody Masi, W. Barnstable, MA, USA
  1526. Bernice Mason, Methodist
  1527. Christine Mason, Quaker
  1528. Kim Mason
  1529. Ellen Mass, Friends of Alewife Reservation
  1530. Ayla Matheson, Director of Common Threads Institute, Inc.
  1531. John Mathias
  1532. Paula Mathieson
  1533. Karine Mathieu, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  1534. Chandana Mathur
  1535. Kalliroi Matsakis
  1536. Theodoran N. Matsakis
  1537. Fumihiko Matsumura
  1538. Taryn Mattice, Chaplain, Cornell University
  1539. Michele Mattingly
  1540. Joanna Mauer
  1541. Marc Mauer and Barbara Francisco
  1542. Gary M. Maveal, Associate Professor, University of Detroit Mercy School of Law
  1543. Anne Mavor, Urban Water Works
  1544. Tatiana Maxwell
  1545. Barry Maxwell, Cornell University*
  1546. Noemie Maxwell Vassilakis, Kent, WA, USA
  1547. Judith Mayer
  1548. Henry Mayer, M.D.
  1549. Maria Mayer, LA OPINION daily, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  1550. Natalie Maynor
  1551. Juan Mayo, San Leandro, Ca, United States/Mexico
  1552. Daniel Mayton, President, Psychologists for Social Responsibility
  1553. Julie Marion McAleer
  1554. Louise McAllister
  1555. Dian G. McCall
  1556. William C. McCall
  1557. David McCann, Quincy, FL, USA
  1558. Frank McCarthy
  1559. Kevin McCarthy, Aurora, CO, USA
  1560. Heather McCarty
  1561. Kathryn E. McClanen
  1562. Penny McClard
  1563. Susan McClellan, Shamanic Counsel DE USA
  1564. Robert MCCollum, Huntingtown, Md, USA
  1565. Blake McConnell
  1566. Dea Anna McConnell, WishHorse*
  1567. Grace McConnell, Portland, oregon, USA
  1568. Joseph A. McConnell, Jr.
  1569. Melody McCormick
  1570. Nyla McCray
  1571. Tawny McCray
  1572. Ernie McCray
  1573. Carlos McCray
  1574. Megan McCullough, teacher
  1575. Megan McCullough, Lincolnton, NC, USA
  1576. Nan McCurdy, United Methodist Missionary
  1577. John McCutcheon, President, American Federation of Musicians Local 1000, AFL-CIO
  1578. Carol McCutcheon
  1579. Don McDaniel, Retired
  1580. Mili McDermott
  1581. Elleva Joy McDonald
  1582. Cathryn McDonough
  1583. Marisa Jo McDowell
  1584. Betty McElhill, Central Coast Peace and Environment Council*
  1585. James McEnteer
  1586. Juliana Pyper McFarland
  1587. Robert A. McFarlane, M.D., Oregon Health Sciences University
  1588. Megan McFeely, Arbor Ecologies, Inc.
  1589. Mo McFeely
  1590. PJ McGann, Ph.D., University of Michigan
  1591. Kirby McGhee, Paoli, Pa, U.S.A.
  1592. Karen McGhee, Baha’i Faith, Sacramento, Ca, USA
  1593. Sally McGinnis, C.P.A.
  1594. Eugenia McGrath, Minnesota Nurses Association*
  1595. Ian McIlvaine
  1596. Heather McKenzie
  1597. David McKinley
  1598. Wes Mckinley, Colorado Cowboy
  1599. Daniel McKinley
  1600. Mary Craig McLane
  1601. Rob Mclane
  1602. Anne E. McLaughlin, Peace and Justice Action League
  1603. Meredith McLendon, Hayley, Hahira, GA, United States
  1604. Andrew McLeod
  1605. Sandy McLeod, Boulder, CO, USA
  1606. Tom McMahon, retired clergy and military
  1607. Martha McManamy, member, Amesbury Friends Meeting
  1608. Philip McManus, Chair, U.S. Fellowship of Reconciliation Task Force on Latin America & the Caribbean*
  1609. Brendan McMullan, Library Page
  1610. Andrew McMullan
  1611. Joan E. McMullan
  1612. Ernan McMullin, Professor Emeritus of Philosophy, Univ. of Notre Dame South Bend
  1613. Chris McNamara
  1614. Ann McNeal
  1615. Constance M. McNeal
  1616. Gale McNeeley
  1617. Joan McQueeney Mitric, independent journalist
  1618. dirk mcquickley, buffulo, NY, USA
  1619. Robert R. McQuilkin, Poet and Publisher
  1620. Sarah C. McQuilkin, Pre-school Teacher
  1621. Diane McWilliams, NimE, Louisville, CO, USA
  1622. Chris Mechels, retired (1994), Los Alamos National Laboratory
  1623. Mike Medina, Gay America*, Alameda, CA, USA
  1624. Sara Mednick, Harvard University Psychology Department
  1625. M.M. Meghji, M.D., FRCPC
  1626. Pamela Meidell
  1627. China Meier
  1628. Larry Meilleur
  1629. Doro Meincke, Human Being, Journalist
  1630. Margit Meissner
  1631. Helen L. Menz, member of UNA-USA and Green Party
  1632. Chucky Mercer, wilson, nc, wilson
  1633. Michael P. Mercer
  1634. Marcia Meredith, Ayurvedic Practitioner/Nurse Practitioner, St. Paul, USA
  1635. Ray Messick
  1636. Sr. Mary Francis Metz
  1637. Annelinde Metzner, Crooked Thumb Theater
  1638. Alfred Meyer, Executive Director, Madison Physicians for Social Responsibility, Chair, Wisconsin Network for Peace & Justice
  1639. Julie Meyer, Lambi Fund of Haiti*
  1640. Colleen Meyers
  1641. Alan Meyers, M.D., M.P.H., Boston University School of Medicine*
  1642. Stephanie Meyers
  1643. Eileen Meyers
  1644. Eileen Meyers, O.P. Adrian Dominican Sister*
  1645. Pauline E. Michaud, Clean Clothes Campaign of Southern Maine
  1646. Mary-Kay Michelsen
  1647. Wendy Michener, The Empowerment Project
  1648. Wendy Michener, North Carolinians for Alternatives to War
  1649. Kim Mickley, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer
  1650. Sarah Middeleer
  1651. Julie Mikalson
  1652. Patricia Mikulecky, Beauty Consultant
  1653. Patt Milam
  1654. Alexis Miles
  1655. Edward Miles
  1656. Mara Miles
  1657. Alistair Millar, vice President, Fourth Freedom Forum
  1658. Fred Millar, D.C. Local Emergency Planning Committee*
  1659. Laurie Millard, Nurse, Jacksonville, Florida, USA
  1660. Karla B. Miller
  1661. Valerie Miller, Just Associates*
  1662. Sarah Miller, Elberta, Al, united states
  1663. Robert C. Miller, Esquire
  1664. Patricia Miller
  1665. Michelle Miller, citizen for Peace
  1666. Daniel N. Miller
  1667. rachel miller, `, milwaukee, wi, usa
  1668. Molly M. Miller
  1669. Richard Miller, Policy Analyst, Government Accountability Project*
  1670. Gayle Miller, Western Carolina University, Professor of English
  1671. Danielle Miller-Coe, Philadelphia, PA, USA
  1672. Jamie L. Millican, Threshold Choir
  1673. Robert L. Millican III, Palatka, Florida, USA
  1674. Bill Mills, Bloomington Peace Action Coalition
  1675. John Mills, Hercules, California, USA
  1676. Sarah C. Mills
  1677. David and Nancy Milton
  1678. Heidi Miner, Quaker
  1679. Mary M. Miner
  1680. Holly Mines
  1681. Diane P. Mines, Ph.D.
  1682. Jackie Mirkin
  1683. Debbie Misener
  1684. Elliot Mishler, Harvard Medical School*
  1685. Kathy Mitchell, Art teacher
  1686. Dawn Mitchell
  1687. Anuradha Mittal, Co Director, Food First/Institute for Food and Development Policy
  1688. John V. Mizzi, P.E.
  1689. Donna Modic
  1690. Linda C. Modica
  1691. Amelia Mohabir
  1692. Abdalla Mohammed, Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
  1693. Judith Mohling, Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center*
  1694. Jerry A. Moles, Ph.D., NeoSynthesis Research Centre
  1695. Bruce Molholt, Ph.D.
  1696. D. Kent Moline
  1697. Bernie Molitor, Code for Corporate Responsibility Alliance for Democracy
  1698. Sister Monica Grathwohl, School Sister of Notre Dame
  1699. Joseph Montemurno
  1700. Robert Montione
  1701. Burton Moomaw
  1702. Emma Moore
  1703. Aaron Moore, Cornell University
  1704. Rhonda Moore
  1705. Sally Moore
  1706. LeRoy Moore, Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center
  1707. Tom Moore, Green Party-Boulder, Colo.
  1708. Sujata Moorti, VA
  1709. Ricardo J. Moran, Economist
  1710. Catherine Moran
  1711. Jackie Moreau, RSM
  1712. Ward Morehouse, President, Council on International and Public Affairs
  1713. Wes Morgan
  1714. Susan Morgan-Chandler, Chaplain, St. Lukes Hospital*
  1715. Shirley Morganstein, MA/CCC-SLP, Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation*
  1716. Allan J. Mork
  1717. Thomas and Diana Morley
  1718. Jeanne Morrell
  1719. Mike Morris, Hammond Middle School Teacher
  1720. Christopher Morrison
  1721. Joe Morton
  1722. Susanne Moser
  1723. Jennifer Mosher
  1724. Brian Moten, Concerned Citizen
  1725. Garret Mott
  1726. Rhonda Mueller
  1727. Joseph S. Mueller
  1728. Dick Mueser
  1729. Valerie Mullen, Central Vermont Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
  1730. Jane Muller, Flagstaff, AZ
  1731. Johannes Müller, Würzburg, Germany
  1732. Karen Mullin, Esq.
  1733. Susan Mumpower-Spriggs
  1734. Myrna Munchus-Bullock, SpiritWalkers
  1735. Wendy Muphy
  1736. Jean Murin, RSM
  1737. stephanie murin, Clinton, PA, USA
  1738. Deirdre Murnane
  1740. Luci Murphy, Gray Panthers*
  1741. Sophia Murphy, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy*
  1742. Dr. Pamela Murphy
  1743. Vincent D. Murray, Peninsula Peace Movement
  1744. Anne Hastings Murray, Peninsula Peace Movement
  1745. Cathleen Murray, Plattsburgh, NY, USA
  1746. donald murray, pocatello, idaho, U.S.A.
  1747. helen murray, birmingham, england
  1748. Kevin Murray, Executive Director, Grassroots International
  1749. Reverend Murray L. Newman, Professor of Old Testament Emeritus, Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria
  1750. srinavasa murthy, bangalore, karnataka, india
  1751. gangadhara murthy, engineering*, bangalore, karnataka, india
  1752. Henry Musa, Federation of Liberian Youth*, Monrovia, Africa, Liberia
  1753. Daphne Muse
  1754. Nancy Myers, Science and Environmental Health Network
  1755. H Myers, Ralph Bunche School, PS 125 Parent Association, New York City, NY, USA
  1756. Omkar Naga
  1757. michael nahass, dubai, uae
  1758. Isabelle M. Nally
  1759. Robert T. Nanninga, Green Party
  1760. Meryl Nass, M.D.
  1761. Shalini Nataraj, Alliance for a Secular and Democratic South Asia
  1762. Andrianna Natsoulas
  1763. Maria Elena Nava
  1764. mohammed ndako, mr, lagos, lagos, nigeria
  1765. Dagmar Nearpass, DeSales High School
  1766. Elaine Needham
  1767. Cindy Neeley, WILLIAMS, usa
  1768. Khawar Nehal, CEO*, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
  1769. Tom Neilson
  1770. Linden L. Nelson, President Elect, Psychologists for Social Responsibility
  1771. Randy A. Nelson, Ph.D., Social Ethicist
  1772. Susan Nelson, Cleveland Meeting, Religious Society of Friends
  1773. Jill Nelson, Professor of Journalism, The City College of New York*
  1774. Joy Nelson, M.S.W.
  1775. Johanna E. Neumann, National Water Organizer, Public Citizen
  1776. Antonio C. Neves
  1777. Bruce Nevin, Cisco Systems Inc.*
  1778. Beulah Arlene New
  1779. Cynthia Lee New
  1780. Nancy A. Newcomb
  1781. Sheila Newcomb
  1782. Nancy Newman
  1783. Linda Newsum, Jamul, USA
  1784. Kim Nguyen, Metrowest Partners for a Just and Peaceful World
  1785. Mary Jane Nickerson
  1786. Jennifer Nicole, Unitarian Universalists
  1787. Jane E. Nielson, Geologist
  1788. Ada Nieves-Fernández, Gurabo, PuertoRico, Gurabo
  1789. Osami Nomura, Doctor of Engineering
  1790. Carole Selter Norris
  1791. Patrick Norris, Fearful Single Father, Apollo, PA, United States od America
  1792. Helen F. Norris, City Councillor, Holyoke, MA
  1793. Zachary Norris
  1794. Judy Norsigian, Executive Director, Our Bodies Ourselves
  1795. Corinne Norton, President, Integrated Therapeutic Services, Inc.
  1796. Corinne Norton
  1797. Karl J. Novak, Burlington Anti War coalition
  1798. Ross Novgrad
  1799. Lawrence Novotny
  1800. Eileen Noyes-Verchereau
  1801. Frank Nuessle
  1802. Martha K. Nungesser
  1803. Jon Nunn and Darlene Edwards
  1804. Laureen Nussbaum, Oregon chapter of Women International League for Peace and Freedom*
  1805. Rudi H. Nussbaum, Oregon Chapter Physicians for Social Responsibility*
  1806. Elizabeth Nutley, environmental consultant
  1807. Dale Nutley
  1808. Efia Nwangaza, Founder/CEO, AAfrikan-Am Institute for Policy Studies and Planning
  1809. Jules Nyquist
  1810. Florian Oberhuber
  1811. Carlotta Oberzut, RSM
  1812. Mary H. O’Brien
  1813. Max Obuszewski, Hiroshima-Nagasaki Commemoration Committee of Baltimore
  1814. Maureen Dorney O’Connell, Pax Christi Florida*
  1815. Thomas F. O’Connell, Advisor, Tennessee Alliance for Progress*
  1816. Kate O’connor, world citizen
  1817. Julie Odell
  1818. Genevieve Oei
  1819. Kathy Ogle, Ecumenical Program on Central America and the Caribbean (EPICA)*
  1821. Jennifer Olaranna Viereck, Director, HOME: Healing Ourselves & Mother Earth
  1822. Jennifer Oldham
  1823. Dorothy Olinger, School Sister of Notre Dame
  1824. Michael Oliva
  1825. Lorraine Olla
  1826. Elizabeth W. Olmsted, CSMHI, University of Virginia School of Medicine
  1827. Brother Dick Olsen, SM
  1828. Joan Olson
  1829. Mary Olson, Director of the Southeast Office, Nuclear Information and Resource Service
  1830. Shiva O’Malley, Santa Rosa, CA, USA
  1831. Donna O’Malley, Central Vermont Peace
  1832. duquette ona, drummondville, canada
  1833. Monica F. Ondrusko, Professor Emeritus, Slippery Rock University of
  1834. Marianne O’Neill, Adrian Dominican Sisters
  1835. Carolyn Toll Oppenheim
  1836. Sarah J.B. Orth, Psy.D.
  1837. Mary Ortiz
  1838. Mary Ortiz
  1839. Stephen W. Osborn, architect
  1840. Jimmy Osborn, Calvin College Anti-War Movement
  1841. Wren Osborn, Green Party of San Diego County*
  1842. Maire Osborn, CapeAct
  1843. Gloria J. Osborne, holistic nurse, permaculturist, and magical activist
  1844. Gregory Ostrom, educator
  1845. Frank Ostrowski, Ph.D., International Fellowship of Reconciliation*
  1846. Teresa Outlaw, Co-founder of Mothers for Peace-International
  1847. Steve Owen, Appalachian Coalition for Just and Sustainable Communities
  1848. Mary Owen, retired Registered Dietitian
  1849. Raja Owusu-Ansah, Web developer, Accra, Ghana
  1850. Ellen Oxfeld
  1851. David Ozonoff, M.D., M.P.H. Boston University School of Public Health*
  1852. Nancy and John A. Paar, M.D.
  1853. Chris Pabon, Friends of the Earth
  1854. Isael Pacheco, Iglesia del Nazareno, Puerto Rico
  1855. Theodore and Mary Page
  1856. Rachel Page, Washington DC, USA
  1857. Glenn D. Paige, President, Center for Global Nonviolence
  1858. Michael R. Paine, Alliance for Democracy*
  1859. Meg Palan
  1860. Barbara Paleczny, School Sisters of Notre Dame
  1861. Paula Lopez Pallas
  1862. Victor Pambuccian, Arizona State University West*
  1863. sandeep parashar, indore, madya pardesh, india
  1864. Jerry Park
  1865. MerriLu Park
  1866. Mary Joan Park
  1867. Andy Parker, Pittsburgh, PA, United States
  1868. Jennifer Parker
  1870. Jeffery M. Parker
  1871. Dr. Kinta M. Parker, Clinical Psychologist
  1872. Cindy L. Parker, M.D., M.P.H.
  1873. Joan Kinsey Parr, Member, Baltimore Branch, Women’s International League for Peace & Freedom
  1874. Theresa K. Parrish, Member Rockford Peace & Justice Action Committee
  1875. John Passacantando, Executive Director, Greenpeace
  1876. Mary Pat White
  1877. viral patel, barod, gujrat, india
  1878. karmen patnaude, shawmut, maine, u.s.
  1879. Lewis E. Patrie, M.D., M.P.H., Western N. Carolina Physicians for Social Responsibility
  1880. Latrice Patterson, Philadelphia, USA
  1881. Wren Patton
  1882. Hank Patton, World Steward
  1883. Christopher Patton, Composer and Coordinator of the William Kapell International Piano Festival and Competition*
  1884. jeremy paudal, marseille, france
  1885. Diana Pauksta, Student, University of Georgia, Lilburn, GA, 30047
  1886. Jay Paul Zimmermann
  1887. Dave Paulsen, Executive Director, Attraction Retreat
  1888. Tiffany V. Paulson
  1889. Heather Pavlak, Coalition of Students Against the War, Carleton College
  1890. Pat Payne
  1891. Mark Peace Ort
  1892. Suzanne Pearce, Coalition for a Strong United Nations*
  1893. Debra Pearlman, Filmmaker, Cambridge, NY, USA
  1894. Alexander Pearlsein
  1895. Rebecca Pearson
  1896. Michael Pease
  1897. Lisa Peattie, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
  1898. Fran Peavey, President of Crabgrass and author
  1899. Heather W. Peck, Lovingkindness Collaborative
  1900. Irvin Peckham, Director of Firstyear Writing,Louisiana State University
  1901. Holger E. Pedersen
  1902. Sister Peg Luby, Sister of Mercy
  1903. Marc F. Peimer
  1904. Fred Pell
  1905. Donald Alfred Pelles
  1906. Judy Martone Peluso, Spiritual Healer, Center for Healing
  1907. joyce pence, democratice forum*, clark fork, id, usa
  1908. Mary Pendergast, RSM
  1909. Mary Pendleton, teacher in Mass.
  1910. Margot Penkava, Garland, TX
  1911. Julie Penkava, Garland, TX
  1912. Paul Penkava, Garland, TX
  1913. Claire Pentecost, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago*
  1914. Lewis Pepper, M.D., M.P.H., Boston University School of Public Health
  1915. yesenia perez, mission, texas, usa
  1916. Marissa Perez, MSW, Chestnut Hill, MA, USA
  1917. Lupita Perez, Looking for Irvin Gallegos, Wilmington , CA, USA
  1918. Sherrill Perkins, Fowler, CA, Fresno
  1919. Simon Perkins, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
  1920. Dr. John and Lucy Perko
  1921. Anna Perlis, San Diego State University
  1922. Diane Perlman, Ph.D.
  1923. Diana Perry
  1924. Mary Elizabeth Perry
  1925. Mary Perschy, grief counselor
  1926. cee peters, orlando, fla, usa
  1927. Vicky Peters
  1928. Abigale L. Peters Elizabeth J. Mullen
  1929. Charles Petersen, U.S. citizen, writing from Colombia
  1930. Lindsey Peterson, Connecticut College undergraduate
  1931. Shari Peterson, Chicago, IL, USA
  1932. Whitney Peterson
  1933. Diana Petz, R.S.M
  1934. Barbara J. Petzing
  1935. Sebastian Pflugbeil, Dr., minister retd, Soc. f. Rad. Prot. Germany, president, Berlin, Germany
  1936. Larry Pflughoeft, Seattle, WA, USA
  1937. John M. Phelan, Ph.D., Director and Professor, Public Communications Fordham University, UN NGO Committee on Disarmament
  1938. Jerry Phelps, Ph.D. Psychologist, Assistant Clinical Professor, UCSD, School of Medicine
  1939. Stephanie Phillips
  1940. Helen Phillips, Ph.D.
  1941. Bethseba Philpott, Alliance To End Childhood Lead Poisoning*
  1942. Judith G. Phoenix
  1943. Rev. Patricia J. Pickett, D. Min.
  1944. Walter J. Pickett
  1945. Martha Pierce, Chicago Metropolitan Sanctuary Alliance
  1946. Dana Pierson, Central Vermont Peace Coalition
  1947. Marc Pilisuk, Ph.D.
  1948. Cecile Pineda, American novelist
  1949. john gilbert pineda, none*, tuguearao, none, philippines
  1950. teresa pineda, canton, oh, usa
  1951. Sarah Pirtle
  1952. kevin pirtle, chicago, IL
  1953. Ryan Pirtle-McVeigh
  1954. Jody Plant, artist and librarian
  1955. Cynthia Ploski
  1956. Bill Plotkin, Ph.D.
  1957. Susan Poe
  1958. Tara Pogoda
  1959. Cloe Pogoda
  1960. Howard Pogoda
  1961. Gustav A.. Pohlig, member of NOW
  1962. pertti poikulainen, uusikaupunki, Finland
  1963. Dr. James Polk, Co-Chair Virginia Beach Green Party, Green Party of the United States – International Committee
  1964. Jennifer Poness
  1965. Louise B. Popkin, Harvard University Division of Continuing Education*
  1966. Patricia Pora, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas*
  1967. Robert A. Pornaras, U.S. Citizen
  1968. Cinta Porter, LGSW, Move-On and St. Vincent de Paul Church Peace Activist
  1969. Lynn Porter
  1970. Katherine Porter, student, Lawrence, KS, United States
  1971. Joseph Posada, an American and citizen of the Earth, Coon Rapids, Iowa, USA
  1972. Diana Postlethwaite, Professor, St. Olaf College*
  1973. Russell Potter
  1974. Rosanne Potter, Key West Peace Vigil, Key West, FL, USA
  1975. Judi Poulson
  1976. Judi Poulson, Chair, Fairmont MN Peace Group
  1977. Ned Powell, Solidarity Truckers
  1978. Maura Power R.S.M.
  1979. Peg Powers
  1980. Jeff Princko
  1981. R. Priya
  1982. Kat Hays, Professional Model, 1998 S. E., Peoria / Pekin Metro, IL, USA
  1983. Tony Prokott, Code for Corporate Responsibility*
  1984. Heather Proulx
  1985. Joy Pryor
  1986. Mary Puff
  1987. Greg Pugliese
  1988. Janthima Puivechasak, Bangkok, Thailand
  1989. Ada Pullini Brown, ArTravel, LLC
  1990. Nancy Purks
  1991. jayesh puthumana, SES*, cochin, kerala, india
  1992. angie puttman, harrisburg, il
  1993. Michael Pyatok, FAIA, Architect
  1994. David N. Pyles
  1995. Charles Pyot
  1996. Meg Quinlan, Sister of Mercy
  1997. Elizabeth L. Quinn
  1998. Anne Quinn, R.N., APN,C
  1999. Miguel Angel Quirarte Lugo, Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Piedras Negras, Mexico
  2000. Don Quixote, Feeble minds international, LomaLinda, CA, USA
  2001. Jules Rabin
  2002. Mark Rabine
  2003. Patricia Radin, Ph.D.
  2004. Kathryn M. Radinovsky, member, Peace & Democracy Task Force
  2005. Tracy Radosevic
  2006. Amy Rafalow, Public Health Nurse
  2007. Carolyn Raffensperger, Science and Environmental Health Network
  2008. Daniel C. Rafferty
  2009. Lisa Renee Ragsdale, Artist, Composer, Writer
  2010. sulemana abdul rahim, student, accra, Ghana
  2011. David Rahni, Professor, New York, NY, USA
  2012. Rachna Raj, Baroda, Gujarat, INDIA
  2013. Balakrishnan Rajagopal, MIT
  2014. John A. Rakestraw, Jr., Vanderbilt University*
  2015. sally ramage, ms*, stafford, england, uk
  2016. Andrea C. Ramage
  2017. Sally Ramage, Stafford, UK
  2018. M.V. Ramana, Princeton University
  2019. Michelle Ramberg, Flagstaff, 86001, USA
  2020. Alison Ramsay
  2021. Amaya Ramsay-Malone
  2022. Declan Ramsay-Malone
  2023. James Ramsell
  2024. Cynde Randall
  2025. Kristen Randall
  2026. sandra randie, sarawak, malaysia
  2027. Margrete Strand Rangnes
  2028. Cyndi Rapenske
  2029. Deborah Raptopoulos
  2030. Narisa Ratana, Cornell University Anti-War Coalition
  2031. Nicholas Rathod Esq.
  2032. Diantha Rau
  2033. Indira Ravindran, Johns Hopkins University
  2034. Michael Rawson
  2035. Marion Rawson
  2036. Keena Rayas, Sr. Administrative Asst., Santa Barbara, CA, USA
  2037. Betty A. Reardon, Teachers College, Columbia University
  2038. Mark Reback
  2039. Maureen Redl
  2040. Karen L. Redleaf
  2041. Susan F. Reed, High Country Peace & Justice,* Appalachian Interfaith Alliance for Peace and Justice*
  2042. Nancy Reed, Holland, MI, United States of America
  2043. Frances J. Reed
  2044. Rhiannon Reed-Kelly
  2045. Oisin Reed-Kelly
  2046. Jennifer Reese, Ph.D., Do Something For Peace, Mt. Shasta chapter
  2047. Tony Regusters, Interim General Manager, WPFW-FM, Pacifica Radio
  2048. Anna Marie Reha, School Sister of Notre Dame
  2049. Betty Reid Mandell, editorial board, New Politics
  2050. Molly Reilly
  2051. Mary Reilly, RSM
  2052. Ward Reilly
  2053. Ward Reilly
  2054. Leslie Reindl, President, Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers
  2055. Eddie Reinhalter, Aspen Meadows Institute*, Aspen, Colorado, Pitkin
  2056. Govinda Reinhalter
  2057. Stan Renfro
  2058. William B. Renshaw
  2059. Kim Repola
  2060. Robin Resin, member of the Renaissance Alliance for Peace in Boulder, Colo.
  2061. Catherine Reynolds, Bloomington, IN, USA
  2062. Suzanne Rhodenbaugh, St. Louis, writer
  2063. Mara Ribbin
  2064. Ron Ricardo, economist
  2065. Louis Ricciuti, Citizens Campaign Against Nuclear Exposure, Niagara Falls, NY, USA
  2066. Rosalie Riccobono
  2067. Frances Riccobono, find, ny, usa, america
  2068. Margo Rice
  2069. Marie Joline Rich
  2070. Don Richards, 9th District Alder, City of Milwaukee*
  2071. Larri Richmond
  2072. Michael Richmond
  2073. Malcolm Rickard
  2074. Teresa Ridley
  2075. Ross Rieder
  2076. Patti Rieser
  2077. Assunta Riley
  2078. Linda Rill
  2079. G. Rilling
  2080. Erik Ringelberg
  2081. Karin Ringler, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee*
  2082. Judy Ringo
  2083. Jose Rios , Las Vegas, NV, USA
  2084. Kelsey Ripple, Sierra Nevada for Peace
  2085. Mark Ritchie, President, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
  2086. Danelle Rivas
  2087. Luz Rivero, Galiza, Spain
  2088. Lucille Rivin
  2089. Jonathan Rivin, North Carolinians For Alternatives To War
  2090. Marianna M. Rivinus
  2091. Charles Rizzo, Sr., Baltimore, Md.
  2092. Rosetta T. Rizzo, BSN, MMS
  2093. Rachna RJ, Baroda, Gujarat, India
  2094. Marilyn Roach
  2095. Marti Roach
  2096. T. Roberts, Jacksonville, FL, USA
  2097. Helen Roberts, Peace and Justice Committee, University Unitarian Church,, Seattle, WA, USA
  2098. Nancy Robertson
  2099. John Robillard, Haernoesand, Sweden
  2100. Randy Robinson
  2101. Jacob Robinson
  2102. Dave Robinson, Pax-Christi USA
  2103. Samuel Robinson
  2104. Kathy Robinson M.D., Buncombe County Health Center
  2105. Maria Whitley Rochman
  2106. Eileen Y. Rodan, Peace Action
  2107. Ana Rodriguez
  2108. Raul Rodriguez
  2109. Elizabeth Roebling, Asheville Friends Meeting, Vieques Resistance prisoner of conscience
  2110. Harry Rogers, Nuclear Issues Coordinator, Carolina Peace Resource Center
  2111. Rebecca Rogers, Board Member, Women in Black Coordinator, Carolina Peace Resource Center
  2112. Erin Rogers, Austin, Texas, Lone Star Sierra Club*
  2113. Dorothy Rogers
  2114. Adin Rogovin, The Co-Intelligence Institute*
  2115. Geoff Rohrbach, Director of Music Christ Lutheran Church
  2116. Keith Rokoske
  2117. Thomas L.& Patricia R. Rokoske
  2118. Suzanne Roll-Rosen
  2119. Lin Romano
  2120. Matthew Roose, UCSF
  2121. Chris Rosa, Red Melon Records Inc.
  2122. Emma Rosa Puebla, Student, UdeM
  2123. Suzan Rose, Educator, San Mateo, CA, USA
  2124. Diane Rosen
  2125. Marni Rosen, Executive Director, Jenifer Altman Foundation*
  2126. Nancy Rosenfield, Martinez, CA, USA
  2127. Vic Rosenthal
  2128. Tony Ross, Anna , Illinois, USA
  2129. Chris Roth, Editor, Talking Leaves magazine*
  2130. David Rothauser
  2131. David Rothauser, member of Brookline Peace Works
  2132. Philip B. Rothenberg, M.D.
  2133. Margaret Rourke, Salina Peace Group
  2134. Nancy Rowan
  2135. Margaret Rozycki, Avalon School*
  2136. Janet Rozzano, RSM
  2137. Roberta Ann Rubertucci, RSM
  2138. Judith Ruland, SN, Catholic
  2139. Emily Rush, Guilford College
  2140. Audrey C. Rushing
  2141. Patricia Russell, Vanderbilt University*
  2142. Emily Russell
  2143. Natalie Ruszkowski
  2144. Julie Ruszkowski
  2145. Neville Ruth Perea
  2146. Maryanne Rygg
  2147. Randy S Fahrenholz
  2148. moosa sadeghi, bushehr, bushehr, iran
  2149. athar saeed, no, lahore, punjab, pakistan
  2150. Luis A. Saez
  2151. Anna Sagel, High Country Citizens for Peace & Justice
  2152. Doris Sahota
  2153. Rubina Saigol
  2154. bunny saigol, lahore, punjab, pakistan
  2155. Bonnie Salgado, Chama, nm, usa
  2156. Suzanne Salgado
  2157. Sister Anna Marie Saltzman, R.S.M.
  2158. Andrew Samtoy
  2159. Clemente Samuel, thiers, france
  2160. Paul Sanchez-Navarro
  2161. Susan Sanders, MLS
  2162. Bariski sandesh, Paris, France
  2163. Leo R. Sandy, Ed.D., NCSP, Professor of Education, Plymouth (NH) State College, U.S.N Veteran
  2164. Maria J. Santelli, Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice
  2165. Marilyn and Ray Santiago
  2166. Jose C. Santos, Madrid, Spain
  2167. gayle sappington, hermitage, tn
  2168. Gayle Sappington, Hermitage, Tn., USA
  2169. John Saraniero
  2170. smith sasha, gay, camden, n.j, camden
  2171. Alice Sather
  2172. Nancy Sather, citizen
  2173. Mary Sather
  2174. Ivy Rita Saucier, R.S.M.
  2175. Christine Sauve, student
  2176. Srinivas Savaram
  2177. Vikki E. Savee
  2178. Sr. Elizabeth Sayah, Sisters of Mercy*
  2179. John Saywell
  2180. Madeleine Scammell, Boston University School of Public Health
  2181. Margaret S. Scanlan
  2182. Charles Scarlott, Private citizen, retired corporate executive, Korean vet
  2183. Joan Scary, RSM
  2184. Kathy Schaafsma, St. John’s of Baltimore City United Methodist Church*
  2185. Joan Schaefer, School Sisters of Notre Dame
  2186. Barbara Schaffer
  2187. Don Schalch, Emeritus Professor of Medicine, University of Wisconsin
  2188. Otto Schaudel, Peace Advocacy Fellowship of the Lancaster Church of the Brethren
  2189. Suzanne Schaudel, Peace Advocacy Fellowship of the Lancaster Church of the Brethren
  2190. Stephanie Scheck, Dennis Scheck David Scheck Heather Scheck
  2191. Abbey Scheckter, Grinnell College graduate
  2192. Ursula Scheffel, Sc.D., retired Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins, School of Medicine
  2193. Renee G. Scherlen
  2194. Ted Schettler M.D., M.P.H., Science and Environmental Health Network, Boston Medical Center*
  2195. Roslyn Scheuerman, Global Project Director, Earth Anthem Campaign
  2196. Ben Schiff, Professor of Politics at Oberlin College
  2197. Victoria Schilling
  2198. Claudette Schiratti, RSM
  2199. Joy Schleiffer, Lakeland, FL, United States
  2200. elaine schmidt, WILPF*, greeley, co, USA
  2201. Sybil P. Schmidt, United Nations Association-USA/Atlanta
  2202. Gladys Schmitz, School Sister of Notre Dame *
  2203. Joan Schmitz
  2204. Mary Schmuck, RSM, Catholic Charities Louisville
  2205. Steve Schnapp
  2206. Honey Schnapp
  2207. Victoria Schneider, Baha’i Faith
  2208. Leslie Schneider
  2209. Jeri Schneider, Librarian
  2210. Martha Schneier, Holliston Peace Awareness Network
  2211. Gail Scholan
  2212. heather scholl, louisville, ky, usa
  2213. Ann Scholz, SSND
  2214. Christina Schoppert
  2215. Dave Schott, Baltimore Action for Justice in the Americas*
  2216. Jan Schroedel, Social Worker
  2217. Betty Schroeder, Chair, BANDU (Ban Depleted Uranium)*
  2218. Heather Schroeder
  2219. Leonard Schroeter
  2220. Patricia A. Schrull
  2221. Gene Schubert
  2222. Cecile Schueller
  2223. Julie Schultz Brown
  2224. Sarah Schwaller, Houston, TX, USA
  2225. Sr. Elise Schwalm, Sisters of Mercy
  2226. Edward J. Schwartzbauer
  2227. Joseph E. Schwartzberg, Professor emeritus, University of Minnesota, and President, Minnesota Chapter, World Federalist Association*
  2228. Steve Schwarz, St. Paul, MN, USA
  2229. Paige Scoltock, Guilford College*
  2230. Frank Scott
  2231. Catherine Scott, Ph.C., University of Washington
  2232. Doublas B. Scott
  2233. Michael Scott Kelly
  2234. Shirley A. Scritchfield, Ph.D., Nebraska Methodist College
  2235. Dr. Jocelynne A. Scutt, anti-discrimination commissioner
  2236. Gregory Seaberg, student, Cornell University*
  2237. Jeanne Sears, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, Baltimore Branch*
  2238. Jane Seaton, Ph.D.
  2239. Sister Elaine Sebera, RSM
  2240. Peggy Seeger, singer
  2241. Anne Selden Annab
  2242. Todd Selle
  2243. Debra Seltzer
  2244. Ann Semel, School Sisters of Notre Dame
  2245. Virginia Loftus Senders, Ph.D.
  2246. Priscilla Sepe, student, Cornell University
  2247. Joan Serda, RSM
  2248. Luis Serron, sociologist, teacher, author, Normandale Community College*
  2249. Anita Seth, Doctoral Candidate Yale University
  2250. Trish Severin
  2251. Jesse Severson, Bloomington, MN, United States
  2252. Julie Ann Sgroi
  2253. Taber Shadburne
  2254. Tate Shadburne, Silverton, OR, USA
  2255. Ted Shaffner
  2256. Farouq Shafie RPh., Ph.D
  2257. Nadia E. Shank
  2258. Daniel Shank Cruz, NGO Committee on Disarmament, Peace, and Security
  2259. Jan Shannon
  2260. Olivia Mellan Shapiro, The Washington Therapy Guild
  2261. Paula Sharaga, United for Justice With Peace
  2262. Ashok Sharma
  2263. Susan Sharpe, Educator
  2264. Melinda Sharpe, Bridge Center for Healing
  2265. Christina Shaw
  2266. Stephanie Shea
  2267. Elijah Levi Shekinah, former U.S. Navy sailor
  2268. Linda Shekinah
  2269. Charles Sherba, Jr., violinist
  2270. Charles Shewry
  2271. Ken Shields
  2272. Joel Shields
  2273. David Shiner, Director of Internal Operations, Shimer College
  2274. Amy Shollenberger
  2275. Randy H. Shortridge
  2276. Dr. Laurence H. Shoup
  2277. Deborah Shubat
  2278. v shumaker, ann arbor, mi, washtenaw
  2279. Paul Sibert, Conyers, Ga, United States
  2280. Tamara Sicard, Ph.D.
  2281. Sid Siddiqi, A Concerned American
  2282. Rachel Sidman
  2283. Ross Sieg, father of two, Patriotic citizen of the United States of America, Vietnam Veteran, son of Korean and WWII war veteran, Taxpayer and citizen and voter
  2284. Sorin Siegler, Ph.D, Drexel University*
  2285. Tycho Sierra, US tax resister
  2286. Sandy Signor
  2287. Sister Helen Sigrist, R.S.M.
  2288. Sara Silberger, U.S. Citizen
  2289. Bethany Silver, Hartford, CT, USA
  2290. Debra Simes
  2291. George Simich, Street Newz, Nanaimo, BC, Canada
  2292. Barbara Simmonds, Friends for a Non-Violent World*
  2293. Kimber Simmons
  2294. Nora Simmons
  2295. David & Nora Simmons
  2296. Deanna Simmons
  2297. Justin Simmons
  2298. Kimber Beth Simmons
  2299. David Simmons
  2300. Grace Simms
  2301. Grace Simms
  2302. Mary Beth Simon
  2303. Louise Simon
  2304. jon simon, louisville, ky, usa
  2305. Bette Simons, retired child care center director
  2306. girlie simpkins, better business b., rockford, il, usa
  2307. Tom and Karen Simpson
  2308. Sister Annette M. Sinagra, OP, Adrian Dominican Sisters-USA*
  2309. J.J. Singh, CEO of Global Insurgency Consultants
  2310. Cyrus Sipp
  2311. Peter Fox Sipp
  2312. Arthur J. Sist, Senior Advisor, Democracy and Governance Program Center for International Development, State University of New York*
  2313. Laura Slavin, M.S.W. Thomas Slavin, engineer Dr. Nancy Small, Kalamazoo Non-Violent Opponents of War
  2314. Pamela Slayton
  2315. Cecelia Smaha, Mercy Associate
  2316. Dr. Tom Small, Kalamazoo Non-Violent Opponents of War
  2317. Deborah Smaller, Administrative Law Judge
  2318. Adelaide Smith, Peace Links
  2319. Rachel Smith, high school student
  2320. Crystal Smith, Hampton, VA, USA
  2321. tim smith, boston, usa
  2322. Gregory Smith, Ph.D., Lewis & Clark College*
  2323. Kathy Smith
  2324. Julie Smith
  2325. Alayna Smith
  2326. Karin Smith, Omaha, NE, USA
  2327. Brian Smith
  2328. Gar Smith, The-Edge, Earth Island Institute*
  2329. Jeff Smith, Houston, TX, USA
  2330. Doris and Phillip Smith, farmer/ rancher
  2331. Katheen Smith, RSM
  2332. Kathryn Smith and family
  2333. Denise Smithart, Pensacola, Florida, Escambia
  2334. John Bell Smithback, Bellingham, WA, USA
  2335. David Smith-Ferri
  2336. Jim and Onieta Smucker
  2337. Joe Snow, none, Princeton , NJ, USA
  2338. John R. Snyder, Austin Montessori School*
  2339. Julie M. Soloff
  2340. church-hill solomon, African student, nairobi, kenya
  2341. pastor innocent solu, regional director. future rescue network*, ABA ,ABIA STATE, state, Nigeria
  2342. Serena Somers
  2343. Dave Somers
  2344. Mark Sommer
  2345. Annushka M. Sonek
  2346. Margaret Song, M.D.
  2347. Mark Sorensen, Redwood City, CA, USA
  2348. Neil Sorensen, International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements*
  2349. Eleni Sotos, Jenifer Altman Foundation
  2350. Joanna Mae Souers, President, Activist Knitting Circle, Educational Co-Chair, Watermargin
  2351. Josie Sourdiffe
  2352. Tina Maria Sowders, Writer/Artist, North Massapequa, NY, USA
  2353. Allen Spalt, Agricultural Resources Center*
  2354. Stephanie Spandl, School Sister of Notre Dame
  2355. Patricia Spangler O.P.
  2356. Alex Sparrow, graduate student at the University of Cincinnati
  2357. Susan Spence
  2358. Thomas Spencer, White Hall, MD, USA
  2359. Frances Spencer, concerned grandmother
  2360. Kathleen Spencer, SSND, MORE Multicultural School for Empowerment
  2361. Tanishia Sperling, Shamanic Practioner
  2362. Nellie Kanaan Spitz, Iowa City, UnitedStates
  2363. Carol Spooner, Pacifica Foundation Director*
  2364. Tom Springer, Ph.D.
  2365. Douglas Springer, Summerfield, FL, USA
  2366. Martin Springer, Lutheran Church*, House Springs, MO, USA
  2367. Aubrey Spurlock
  2368. Shannon Spurlock, Cumberland, RI
  2369. Daniel Spurlock
  2370. Anne St. Martin, Ottawa, Canada
  2371. Susan Staat
  2372. Craig Staller
  2373. sam staloch, Prior Lake, MN, United States
  2374. Susan Stamm, Every Church A Peace Church
  2375. Olive Karen Stamm, Esq.
  2376. Tina Stanford, Lamorinda Women’s Peace & Justice Group
  2377. azalea stanley, savannah, ga, usa
  2378. sam stans, harvey, usa
  2379. Miriam Stanton, student, Grinnell College
  2380. Kale Starbird
  2381. Ann Stark, Austin Democracy Coalition*
  2382. John Steczynski
  2383. Bruce J. Stedman, Senior Mediator, RESOLVE, Inc.*
  2384. Carla Steele
  2385. Joanne Steele
  2386. Florence Steichen, coordinator, Pax Christi Minn.
  2387. Mike Steigerwald
  2388. Freya Stein
  2389. John Steinbach, Co-Convenor, Gray Panthers of Metro Washington
  2390. Dr. Margaret L. Steiner
  2391. Rita J. Steinhagen, CSJ
  2392. Edward Steinhart, Texas Tech University*
  2393. Rebecca Steinitz, Ohio Wesleyan University
  2394. Vicky Steinitz, University of Massachusetts/Boston
  2395. Jessica Stensrud, professional musician
  2396. Greg Sterling
  2397. Richard C. Sterne, Visiting Scholar in Education, Harvard University
  2398. Vernon M. Stevens, LTC{USAR}Ret- VFP
  2399. Carrrie L. Stewart, M.C.I.S., One World Consulting
  2400. Larry Stewart, Huntington Beach, Ca, USA
  2401. Chuck Stewart, graduate student, Noblesville, IN, USA
  2402. Jo Stewart, member of WAND and Unitarian Universalist Church of Little Rock
  2403. Katherine Stillman, Truro Council on Aging*
  2404. R. Stockwell, Peace Corps 85-87, VISTA 95-96
  2405. Bonnie Stoehn
  2406. Mary Ann Stoffregen
  2407. Carolyn Stone, Wellesley Monthly Meeting of the Society of Friends
  2408. John Storbeck
  2409. Kristen Jensen Story, member, Grace Episcopal Church, Brunswick, Md.
  2410. Jim Stough, Director, Friendswood, TX, USA
  2411. Jane Stowe
  2412. Peter M. Strauss
  2413. Cecilia Street, Mercy Association*
  2414. Kathryn Strohl
  2415. Robby L. Strozier
  2416. Matthew Struckhoff
  2417. Glenda Struss-Keyes, Director, Office of Justice-Peace-Integrity of Creation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Knoxville
  2418. Julie Sukkar
  2419. Sila Suleyman, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  2420. Elizabeth Sullivan
  2421. Cathie Sullivan, Los Alamos Museum Project
  2422. Kathleen Sullivan, Co-ordinator, Nuclear Weapons Education and Action Project, ESR Metro
  2423. Heidi Sullivan
  2424. Theresa J. Summer, UC Irvine Student
  2425. Linda Sunday
  2426. Winnie Sunshine R.N., IBCLC
  2427. Abha Sur, MIT
  2428. The Rev. Max B. Surjadinata, Pastor, Old Steeple Community Church
  2429. Jolie Susan
  2430. Professor Constance R. Sutton
  2431. Patrice Sutton, Western States Legal Foundation
  2432. Dan Sweeton, Lebanon, TN, USA
  2433. kate swenson, grand forks, nd, usa
  2434. Greg Swift
  2435. Kimberly Switlick, George Washington University*
  2436. Rev. Sybil W. Morgan
  2437. Cully Symington, student
  2438. Nicholas and Cindy Symington
  2439. Carol Symons SNDdeN
  2440. Leonard T Chelius, NRA defender of 2nd Amendment rights
  2441. Dorli T Rainey
  2442. Marie Snow Taber, Clyde, NY, USA
  2443. Charles Tack, independent consultant
  2444. Kathy Tadayon
  2445. Hiroshi Taguchi
  2446. Mary Cabrini Taitano, RSM, Sisters of Mercy of the Americas
  2447. Kathleen Tallent, Mercy Association
  2448. Ashwini Tambe, Georgetown University
  2449. Neil Tangri
  2450. Gene Tanke
  2451. Jody Tannenbaum, psychotherapist
  2452. Jonathan Tasini, president, National Writers Union (UAW Local 1981)
  2453. Miriam Tassin Heine
  2454. Hilary Tate
  2455. Mary Frances Taunton, Board Member/Executive Committee Member, Common Ground Wellness Center
  2456. Nancy H. Taylor
  2457. Kathy Taylor
  2458. Marjorie Taylor
  2459. William Taylor, Member of AAACFP
  2460. Trish Taylor
  2461. Bill Taylor
  2462. Chet Tchozewski, Executive Director,Global Greengrants Fund
  2463. Rev. Bruce N. Teague
  2464. Jan Teal, Federal Way, WA, USA
  2465. Penny Teal, Coalition of Concerned Citizens, and Southeast CT Green Party
  2466. Mary Ann Teat Acosta
  2467. Kari r. Tenfjord
  2468. Caren Lynn Terrell
  2469. Alison C. Terry
  2470. Howard Tesser
  2471. Linda Tesser
  2472. Carol-Jean Teuffel, Unitarian Church of Santa Monica
  2473. Frank Thacker
  2474. Woniya Thibeault, concerned citizen
  2475. Janet Thomas, high school teacher and parent
  2476. Irv Thomas
  2477. Jennifer L. Thomas, D.V.M.
  2478. Ellen Thomas
  2479. Maggie D. Thompson
  2480. Mary Thompson
  2481. Tina Thomson
  2482. Barrie Thorne, Professor of Sociology and Women’s Studies, University of California, Berkeley
  2483. Betsy Thurlow-Shields
  2484. Henry Thurston-Griswold, Professor of Spanish at Juniata College*
  2485. Rita Tiefert, editor
  2486. Fern Tiger
  2487. Eli Tiller
  2488. Eleni Tiz, Director*, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  2489. Carolyln Tkach, Northampton Roundtable for Nonviolence
  2490. Patricia Tobin
  2491. Ed Tonningsen, Lamorinda Peace Group*
  2492. Barbara Tonningsen, Lamorinda Peace Group*
  2493. Agidi Tony*, agbor, delta, nigeria
  2494. Eileen Toole, RSM
  2495. Eugenia Topple
  2496. Steve Tornblom
  2497. Mar Tornero, Madrid, España
  2498. Blanca Rosa Torres, Palma de Mallorca, Baleares, Spain
  2499. James M. Torson
  2500. Nadine Touhey
  2501. Karen Townsend
  2502. Will Travers
  2503. Judy Treichel, Executive Director, Nevada Nuclear Waste Task Force
  2504. Joyce A. Tremblay
  2505. Kimberly Trew
  2506. Thomas C. Trexler, Bethesda, MD, United States
  2507. Sarah L. Triano, Chicago, Ill., Disabled Students Union
  2508. Eric Triffin, Director, West Haven Health Department*, Bethany, CT, USA
  2509. Lois Triffin, Carol Warren, and Todd Garland
  2510. Sharon Trimble, Adrian Dominican Associate
  2511. Klaus Tritschler, NION
  2512. Patty Troche
  2513. Kimberly Tsocanos
  2514. Zora Tucker
  2515. Roxanne Turnage, Executive Director, CS Fund
  2516. Christie Turner, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
  2517. Sister Mary Ellen Twist, RSM
  2518. Lloyd P. Tyler
  2519. Rosalie Tyler Paul, Peace Action Maine
  2520. Frances Gragg Uhlenhopp
  2521. Denay Ulrich
  2522. sandra underwood, everett, wa, usa
  2523. Vernal Uptain, Kennewick, WA, USA
  2524. Ernie Urvater
  2525. Andrew Utman, student, St. John’s College
  2526. Kelsey Utne
  2527. Norberto Valdez, Anthropology, Colorado State University
  2528. Marian Clare Valenteen RSM
  2529. Thomas V valimont
  2530. Tammy Valley, Mercy Associate*
  2531. Dona van Bloemen, Santa Monica, CA, USA
  2532. Sarah Ruth van Gelder, executive editor, YES! A Journal of Positive Futures*
  2533. Barbara Ruth van Rijswijck, Drachten, the Netherlands
  2534. Roger Vandenberg, WA State Prisoner, Seattle, WA, U.S.A.
  2535. Jenifer Vanderhoven*, huntington Beach, ca, united states
  2536. Mark VanRaden
  2537. Shiney Varghese, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy*
  2538. Sandy Varndell, “concerned mother, U.S. citizen residing in France”
  2539. DeeDee Varner
  2540. Gail Vaughn
  2541. Per-Christian Veberg, Oslo, Norway
  2542. Priya Venkatesan
  2543. Lorrie Stoops Verplaetse, Ph.D., Southern CT State Univ.*, Guilford, CT, USA
  2544. Sister Camilla Verret, RSM
  2545. j daniel vicente geraldo, albi, france
  2546. Jenice L. View, Ph.D., Executive Director, Just Transition Alliance*
  2547. Shanti Vigil-Lucero, Kapaa, Hi, USA
  2548. Cary Vigneri, Omaha Coordinator, Nebraskans for Peace, Omaha, NE, USA
  2549. Carmela Vignocchi
  2550. Pepe Villarreal, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
  2551. Beatrice Virga
  2552. Valerie C. Virta
  2553. Anne Vittoria, Sociology, State University of New York-Cortland
  2554. Nicholas Vittum, citizen for peace
  2555. evens vixama, derby, ct, usa
  2556. Aris Elias Vlanton
  2557. dai d vo, letter carrier, falls church, viginia, usa
  2558. Roger Voelker, Tucson Coalition Against Starwars
  2559. Bernice Vogel
  2560. Monica Vohmann, M.D.
  2561. Jeremy Voit, E.A.S.E. Org. (Environmental And Societal Enrichment), Phoenix, Az, USA
  2562. Beverly R. Voloshin, Professor of English, San Francisco State University
  2563. Elisa von Joeden-Forgey
  2564. Sr. Claire vonRinteln, Sisters of Mercy
  2565. Ellen Vopicka, Ph.D., Mercy College
  2566. Emma Vossbrink
  2567. George Vye
  2568. Nancy Wagner, Episcopal Community Services of Maryland*
  2569. Jennifer L. Wagner
  2570. Laura Wald, University of Massachusetts
  2571. Mary Waldner, Lamorinda Women’s Peace and Justice Group
  2572. Sue Walker
  2573. Susan Walker, Executive Director, Upper Midwest Booksellers Association*
  2574. Viveca Walnum
  2575. Tim Walsh, Seattle, WA, USA
  2576. Ann Walton, csj
  2577. David A. Ware
  2578. Farook Warishaully, F W & CO*, ilford, UK
  2579. Mary Warner, Western Carolina University
  2580. Barbara Warren
  2581. Richard Warren, self employed
  2582. Pennie Warren and David Warren
  2583. Tom Wartelle
  2584. Harvey Wasserman, Citizens Protecting Ohio
  2585. Michelle Waters, Artist
  2586. Wendy Watson, Detroit, Mich., Detroit Area Peace and Justice Network*
  2587. Allen Watson, San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice
  2588. Larisa Watson, Austin, TX, USA
  2589. Phyllis Wax, R.N. B.S.N.
  2590. Elizabeth Weaver-Kreider
  2591. Theodore A. Webb, Unitarian Universalist Minister*
  2592. Cinda Weber
  2593. Margaret Weber, Adrian Dominican Sisters Portfolio Advisory Board*
  2594. Leonard J. Weber, Ph.D.
  2595. Kathy Webster MSW, LCSW
  2596. Heather Weddington
  2597. Allison Weeks, Educator and Ecopsychology Counselor, Attraction Retreat
  2598. Anna Weeks
  2599. Lauren Weeth, DC, USA
  2600. Demaris Wehr, Ph.D., Oak Bluffs, MA, USA
  2601. Frances L. Weidner, Rochester Franciscan Religious Community
  2602. Richard Weigel, Pearl City, HI, Hawai’i
  2603. Joe Weikert
  2604. David Weinstein
  2605. Regina Weir
  2606. Laila Weir
  2607. Dana Weis, Asst Public Defender, Cape Girardeau, MO, USA
  2608. Valerie Weisenfeld
  2609. E.G. Weiss
  2610. Peter Weiss, Vice President, Center for Constitutional Rights*
  2611. Eda J. Weissenburger
  2612. Jon Weissman, President, NALC Branch 46*
  2613. Joanna Welch, Biological Science Technician, Redwood National & State Parks
  2614. Joanna Welch
  2615. B.Elizabeth Welch, SND Associate Chesapeake Province
  2616. Michael Welch, volunteer, Redwood Alliance & REEI
  2617. Sr. Mary Anne Weldon
  2618. L. Kristen Welker-Hood, M.S.N. R.N., Boston University School of Public Health
  2619. Gina Weller, parent of two
  2620. Sarah Wellings, Cape Codders for Peace and Justice*
  2621. Sherilyn Wells
  2622. Claudia Wells, Colrain, MA, USA
  2623. Claudia Wells, Colrain, MA, USA
  2624. Sister Rosemary Welter, R.S.M.
  2625. W. Knowles Wentworth, Social Worker, Community Concepts, Inc.
  2626. Laura Werner, Muscadine, AL, USA
  2627. Karen Wert, Wife and Mother
  2628. Crystal L. Wert
  2629. Marnie Werth
  2630. Michael West
  2631. john wetzel, concerned citizen for cutchogue, cutchogue, ny, suffolk
  2632. Nina Weyl, Bodhisara Dharma Community and the American Friends Service Committee*
  2633. Margaret Mary Wharton, RSM
  2634. Kent Whealy, Executive Director of Seed Savers Exchange, MacArthur Fellow
  2635. Christine Wheatley, Students Against War
  2636. Sue and Phil Wheaton
  2637. Sr. Barbara Wheeley, RSM
  2638. Mary S. White, Past President, Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers
  2639. Nancy White
  2640. Debby White
  2641. Kimberly White
  2642. Gary Whited, Psychotherapist
  2643. Trish Whitefield, Alma, CO, USA
  2644. Katerina Katsarka Whitley
  2645. Suzanne Whitmore, Public Citizen
  2646. Kathryn Whitmore
  2647. Edward R. Whitson
  2648. Merry S. Whitten, MSW
  2649. John M. Whitten, LCSW
  2650. John and Merry Whitten
  2651. Glenna Wickline, Mercy Associate
  2652. Jessica Wicks, citizen of Minneapolis
  2653. Reiner Wieland, Coburg, BRD
  2654. M. Wilbrod Madzura, Ph.D., Academia*
  2655. Margaret Wilbur
  2656. Margaret Wilbur, brewster, MA, United States
  2657. Peggy Wilbur
  2658. Catherine E. Wilcox-Browne
  2659. C. Conrad Wilcox-Browne
  2660. Kathryn Wilham, University of Washington*
  2661. Madeleine Wilken
  2662. Julia Willebrand, Ed.D., 2001 Green Party Candidate for Mayor of NYC, Westside Local, Green Party of NY*
  2663. Monica S. Willett
  2664. Ingrid Willgren, Psychotherapist, member of the Millionth Circle
  2665. M william, juneau, USA
  2666. Maggie Williams
  2667. David D. Williams
  2668. Jennifer Williams, Florida Atlantic University, Fellowship of Reconciliation
  2669. Joy Williams
  2670. lawrence williams, surulere, state, nigeria
  2671. Nancy Williamson
  2672. Claire Willis, LICSW
  2673. David Wills
  2674. Howard Wilshire, Board Chairman, Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility
  2675. Ann Wilson
  2676. Melanie Wilson
  2677. Teresa Wilson, Peace Links
  2678. Diane Winchester
  2679. Steve Wing, University of North Carolina School of Public Health*
  2680. Anne T. Wing
  2681. Sister Jeanne Wingenter, Office of Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation, School Sisters of Notre Dame
  2682. Joshua and Jena Winn
  2683. Jodi Winn, Wife, concerned Mother of two, Holistic Healing Practitioner
  2684. Jerry Winn, Husband, concerned Father of two, Truck Driver, Teamster
  2685. Emmanuel Winner, Buffalo, NY, USA
  2686. Deborah Winningham
  2687. Roswitha M. Winsor
  2688. Tanja Winter, ActivistSanDiego.org
  2689. Tanja Winter
  2690. Amal Winter, Ph.D. Psychologists for Social Responsibility
  2691. Susan Winters Smith, Wintersmith Books
  2692. Nancy Witting, editor
  2693. Lawrence S. Wittner, State University of New York, Albany*
  2694. Guy Wolf, organizer, La Crosse Coalition for Peace and Justice
  2695. Chante Wolf, 12 yr.Air Force Veteran, Persian Gulf War, Membership Secty. Veterans For Peace
  2696. Marjorie Wolfe, Member of Fremont United Methodist Church*
  2697. Sola Wolff, Quaker and student at University of Minnesota
  2698. Mimi Wolff, M.S.W.
  2699. Annemarie Wollam
  2700. lee wolorden, novato, ca, usa
  2701. Mary Wondra, as with all others who have signed, child of God
  2702. Susan C. Wood
  2703. Barbara Woodbury
  2704. Marsha Woodbury, Ph.D.
  2705. Margaret Woodside, grandmother
  2706. Kerry Woodward, University of California, Berkeley, graduate student
  2707. Doug Woodward
  2708. Shirley Musgrave Woolaway
  2709. Chuck Woolery, Chair, United Nations Association Council of Organizations*
  2710. gillian wooltorton*, norwich, norfolk, england
  2711. Sheli Wortis
  2712. Daniel Wovcha
  2713. Julie Wrend
  2714. Susan Wright, University of Michigan
  2715. Theodore P. Wright, Jr, Prof. Emeritus of Political Science, SUNY/Albany
  2716. chris wright, solon, me, us
  2717. Nerissa Wu, Boston University School of Public Health
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