The March 11, 2011, Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear catastrophe in Japan has definitively demonstrated that accidents heretofore considered too improbable to protect against can indeed occur. In order to address the multiple and unprecedented nuclear safety failures thus revealed, the French government rapidly put in place a process for complementary safety assessments (CSAs called “Evaluation complémentaire de Sûreté or ECS in French) for the principal nuclear facilities.

Sûreté nucléaire en France post-Fukushima :  Analyse critique des Évaluations complémentaires de sûreté (ECS) menées sur les installations nucléaires françaises après Fukushima  (Post-Fukushima Nuclear Safety in France: Analysis of the Complementary Safety Assessments (CSAs) prepared about French nuclear facilities)

By IEER and WISE-Paris
February 2012

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