Comments on the
Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Disposal of Greater-Than-Class C (GTCC) Low-Level Radioactive Waste and GTCC-Like Waste (DOE/EIS-0375-D)
by the Yakama Nation Environmental Restoration and Waste Management (ERWM) Program and the
Institute for Energy and Environmental Research. (June 27, 2011)

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ERWM comments, briefly:
Comment 1. Hanford should not be considered for construction of a GTCC waste
disposal facility.
Comment 2. GTCC waste should be disposed of in a deep geologic repository.
Comment 3. Transuranic waste should be disposed of in accordance with regulatory
requirements regardless of origin.
Comment 4. The evaluation of cumulative impacts at Hanford is deficient.
Comment 5. The Draft GTCC EIS analysis of proposed action alternatives is deficient.
Comment 6. The Draft GTCC EIS must comply with federal and state environmental
Comment 7. The Draft GTCC EIS must recognize Yakama Nation treaty rights.
Comment 8. The Draft GTCC EIS does not appropriately address cultural and natural resources at the Hanford Site.