MIT Press, 1995 — 355 pages, hardcover

While CFC production has been reduced in many places, the ongoing emissions of chemicals and the production of other long-lived ozone-depleting substances mean a decade will pass before the levels of ozone-depleting chlorine in the earth’s atmosphere begin to decline. This comprehensive overview details the most current knowledge about stratospheric ozone depletion. More than a review of the evolution of the ozone problem, Mending the Ozone Hole provides an objective and stimulating look at current debates surrounding the research, the technology development, and the policy-making aimed at eliminating ozone-depleting substances.

This book presents an overview of the stratospheric ozone-depletion problem, including scientific, technological and policy issues. The work is an original and significant contribution to the field in terms of presenting an integrated perspective.

— Mario Molina, 1995 Nobel Prize Winner, Professor of Atmospheric Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

I do not know of any other work with the same breadth and scope.

— Ralph J. Cicerone, Professor of Earth Systems, University of California at Irvine

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